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​October 29, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
Today is a cheerful day in Bavaria. Fall is moving on to very colorful trees and fests are everywhere. Winter will soon be with us and we want to celebrate the last of the fine weather as we will soon feel the cold winds from the north blowing in the mountains.
Today I have some new news and some old news to clarify. So let’s get started.
First I need to address a couple articles that came out just recently. Many of these so called “intel gurus” jumped on the band wagon and once again (without using their heads) began to shout the sky is falling, sky is falling (the RV is happening, the RV is happening). Really? So now let me show you just how wrong these “gurus” are and just how ridiculous their claims are.

any have asked me to address these article. My past refusal to do so should have been an indication to you to ignore them. Maybe this is why I did not want to even given them the time of day? But here it goes anyhow.
Here are the articles I am talking about and you requested me to comment on. Let me give my comments in italic after you have read them.
Articles follow:
Coinciding with the victories of our security forces in Mosul, Central ..alpennek raise the price of the dinar 
A  source in the central bank said yesterday that the recent lifting of the price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar to coincide with the victories of our security forces and is moving towards liberalization City Almousel.oukal source in a press statement singled out by all the news that the central bank decided to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar by financial mechanisms fall in its policies for indicating that these mechanisms are subject to the principle of supply and demand in the domestic market.
The source, who preferred not to be named, said the Iraqi dinar will see over the next few days, a significant rise in price against the US dollar.

In the article they told us they raised the value of the dinar in the past due to the success of the fighting in the battles against terrorist meaning ISIS. Then they tell us they are lowering the value of the dinar again, probably due to ISIS using the increase in value to enable them to purchased more military supplies. We see the evidence of this last statement in the following:

I quote from the article above – “Rise in price against the US dollar”. I don’t’ know about your thinking but to me a “price” is the cost to buy something. This article is saying that the dollar will cost more dinars to buy (or exchange). The price of the dollar is increasing at it will take more dinars to get it?  Doesn’t this mean a devaluation since the dinar will cost more to purchase vs the dollar? So I don’t get it. Where is the RV here in this announcement? Am I missing something?

No Rumors, No Hype,…just the FACTS!
Sorry all you so called “intel gurus” you have been debunked again….lol…lol…! So when are they telling us there is going to be an RV?
Then a couple days later yet another article came out on the same subject matter. So lets also look at this one too.
Dollar is deteriorating in front of the dinar
Alaraca..bdharbat national blow

CBI succeeded in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar at a critical time Iraq is going through and circumstance and the Iraqi economy under the cover of a fierce war waged by the Iraqi army valiant and security services and the factions of the crowd the popular Bible 's central bank has succeeded Iraqi in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in recent days , economic and political sources Informed reported us ...... that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate gradually improve over the next few days and that the US dollar will deteriorate a lot and recover the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar after the economic scientific plan developed by organizers of the Central Bank of Iraq and new policy pursued by the Central Bank in collaboration with the benevolent and loving and loyal sons of Iraq from the Liberal him we have got to talk to some officials at the Central Bank of Iraq and the owners of some private banks who looks like it a federal power with the central bank in this matter ..... it was agreed to support the Iraqi dinar and the full force of them contribute to the recovery dinar against the dollar , particularly as we are fighting a holy war with the mightiest evil forces in the world and fight terrorism in many parts of Iraq , if it is good news for all Iraqis that the value of the national currency exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar will recover gradually in the next few days , a blessing commend organizers by step and applied by the thought the Iraqi people and the critical economic situation through which the country.

Articles End
So lots is lost in the translation of the second article above. The desired message of this article is hard to understand. Time to put on your thinking cap…lol…lol…?????????
First of all they are talking about an improvement of the dinar value vs the dollar meaning from something like 1300 dinar to the dollar back down to 1188-1200 which is getting closer to the rate they had prior to the devaluation they talked about in the first article. These two articles are interconnected. This very good news that they are adjusting it back to the better value. But what value? Not the value we are hoping for.
I can assure you these articles are NOT talking about any significant rise in the value of the dinar (like we want), even though they use the term “significant” their meaning of significant it not the same we are looking for.
So if you are thinking otherwise…shame on you….I need to spank you…!
What did I tell you sooooo many times already. Let me repeat it once again for all those that refuse to listen to me.
If you follow what the CBI is doing you follow the money. If you follow the money it leads you to the revaluation – a significant rise that we are looking for, BUT (and a big but,,,not butt..lol…) the CBI must follow their planned process to have success in the currency reform.
So  how can a couple articles like this tell you its going to RV? How absolutely dumb can you be.
I have to also remind you once again they will NOT just pop out a new rate such as $3.71 or $4.20 to the dinar with the flick of a wand. This simply is NOT the process and how it is going to happen. You have been so brainwashed to believe this is the case. I now have a hard time “unconditioning” you of this fact.
So I ask you  one more time- DO YOU GET IT?
I have explained the entire process to you over and over again. I am so tired of it already. Please go back and reread many of my past recent news letters. Its all outlined in them.. So there should have been absolutely NO need for hype or rumors on these two articles. They  mean nothing to us except that we see that the CBI is optimistic that the when the war is over and country is more stable they can begin the process to “delete the zeros” once again (since they have decreased the supply already of the dinar.. We read many articles on this  recently). When the demand increases. They need the momentum to kick start the process.
I quote from the article above -  cover of a fierce war waged by the Iraqi army valiant and security services and the factions of the crowd the popular Bible 's central bank has succeeded Iraqi in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in recent days”.

So yes according to this article they did raise the value of the dinar already. But they already did it prior to this article being published. The operative word is “succeeded” meaning past tense. Get it?

So where are the 800#s, where is the big $$$$ we expected? Where is the new rate on the international exchanges? Where is the rate on the interanational exchanges?

The fact is there is none and so no RV. So please stop watching and expecting it in any near future date. Once again these so called intel gurus want to draw you in to a any day / every day hyped up watching and waiting for it. They will use anything to try to justify their intent. Why do they do this? There is no incentive for them to spend the time researching or to tell you the truth.

This is NOT a day to day watch or anticipation. No – the RV can’t simply happen at any time. It will not and does not work that way. I have told you this over and over again.

But if we carefully watch the process of the implementation of the new banking reforms and all the measures needed first in order to go international due to the necessity for ease of banking, ease of trade, ease of commerce and measures to combat corruption, then we might have a chance to see how this will lead to a massive revaluation someday soon.

Yes- all the indications point in the direction of a massive revaluation in the very near future. But…FIRST we must also see the signs that the CBI is continuing with the “project to delete the zeros”. Some of these so called “intel gurus” will try to convince you otherwise. They even changed the name to “financial reforms” from the “project to delete the zeros”. Simple not true once again and only shows their lack of understanding of what must happen to get to the RV. They do this to serve their own purpose since they must tell you something and want to push this along with hype.

So let me explain the difference to you now.

Financial Reforms defined- are all those needed Banking, Financial and Economic reforms we have been witnessing recently. They deal with limiting corruption, fixing the currency auctions of falsified exchanges, new banking practices/laws, trying to fix the exchange rate throughout the country to within 2% everywhere (by regulating the money exchangers market price vs official exchange rate), Investment laws, etc…

Project to Delete the Zeros defined- The series of steps in a very long process to gradually put in place the necessary currency reforms and other measures needed to allow the CBI to launch the lower denominations and convert the dinar currency AWAY from the post-war closed economy currency (with the 3 zeros needed to stiffen terrorism in the past) to an international global currency with a TRUE value. Project was halted in 2013 then again in 2015 due to more terrorists namely ISIS. Project completion is way beyond its original planned FULL implementation timeline.

So you really need to understand the difference between these two efforts. One effort of Financial Reforms does feed into the process of Currency reform and currency reform, in part, included the process of completion of the “project to delete the zeros”. Do you see how they are all separate efforts yet interrelated?

So if you want to spend your limited time and effort wisely then which of these efforts would you follow the more closely? Which one of these efforts would be most likely to give you clues as to a more definite timeline of any RV, a significant value increase in the dinar?

Do you now see why I chose the later meaning the “project to delete the zeros” and follow this process. But in the meantime I can also see that the Financial reforms too are needed to some extent prior to the resuming the project to delete the zeros. I have also been told by the CBI they fully intend to inform and educate the citizens in this process and keep them well informed. So we will “piggy back” off these articles too when they come out and read them….lol…lol…This will be our sign we are close.

So this step I talk about we have not yet seen again and since it has been just about a year since their last attempt (then they postponed it again in 2015) AND the fact that they told us they would pick up and continue where they left off in EARLY 2017. Can you see how close we are and see that we should expect to see this news any day now. This is the REAL news I am looking for everyday. Not the RV any day, every day crap but news of the continuance of this process once again. This will give us the clue we need in this RV saga. Just so I am VERY clear on my stand.
CBI Issued a new list of 102 money transfer company has been forbidden from entering the sale of foreign currency window
BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October / October 26: The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, for a new list of disadvantaged companies from entering the sale of foreign currency window.
The bank said in a statement, said he "issued a new list of 102 money transfer company has been forbidden from entering the sale of foreign currency window."
The bank said that "these companies to practice in the city of Baghdad, Kirkuk, Anbar and Nineveh province, in addition to one company in Karbala."
Below is a list and names of disadvantaged companies from the sale of foreign currency window:

euters: Shi'ite militias launch offensive to seal off western Mosul

Iraqi Shi'ite militias said on Saturday they had launched an offensive towards the west of Mosul, an operation that would tighten the noose around Islamic State's Iraq stronghold but could inflame sectarian tension in the mainly Sunni region.

The battle for Mosul is expected to be the biggest in the 13 years of turmoil unleashed in Iraq by the 2003 U.S.-led invasion which toppled former president Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, and brought Iraq's majority Shi'ite Muslims to power.

A spokesman for the Shi'ite militias, known as the Hashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) forces, said thousands of fighters "started operations this morning to clean up the hotbeds of Daesh (Islamic State) in the western parts of Mosul".

The city is by far the largest held by the ultra-hardline Sunni Islamic State and its loss would mark their effective defeat in Iraq, two years after their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate overlapping Iraq and Syria from the pulpit of a Mosul mosque.

The Shi'ite militias aim to capture villages west of Mosul and reach the town of Tal Afar, about 55 km (35 miles) from the city, the Hashid spokesman said. Their goal is to cut off any option of retreat by Islamic State insurgents into neighboring Syria or any reinforcement for their defense of Mosul.

The Iran-backed and battle-hardened paramilitaries bring additional firepower to the nearly two-week-old campaign to recapture Iraq's second largest city from the jihadist group.

Iraqi soldiers and security forces and Kurdish peshmerga fighters have been advancing in the last 12 days on the southern, eastern and northeastern fronts around Mosul, which remains home to 1.5 million people.

The United Nations has warned of a possible humanitarian crisis and a potential refugee exodus from Mosul - though the start of operations on the city's western flank could leave Mosul's civilians with no outlet to safety, even if they are able to escape Islamic State control.

Villagers from outlying areas around Mosul have told Reuters that women and children were being forced to walk as human shields alongside retreating Islamic State fighters as they withdrew into the city this week.

Iraqi and Western military sources say there had been debate about whether or not to seal off Mosul's western flank. Leaving it open would have offered Islamic State a chance to retreat, potentially sparing residents from a devastating, inner-city fight to the finish.

Some civilians fleeing Mosul have also used the roads to the west to escape to Qamishli, in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria. Others, from villagers just outside Mosul, have exploited the confusion of the conflict to flee in the other direction.

"Some people fled the other day so we took a chance. Daesh fired two bullets at us but they missed and we made it," said Ahmed Raad, 20, from the village of Abu Jarbuaa northeast of Mosul, who had found refuge at a peshmerga base.
Articles End
So we see security measures with ISIS still underway and the issues in this matter. See article above. Remember USA elections coming soon and USA president wants this done and victory declared prior to election day. This will strengthen the hold of the democrats against republicans. You can see their target is very close.

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Luv to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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