Monday, October 24, 2016



Recap:  Frank26   "A source in the central bank said yesterday that the recent lifting of the price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar to coincide with the victories of our security forces and is moving towards liberalization City Almousel.oukal..."   "The source , who preferred not to be named , said the Iraqi dinar will see over the next few days , a significant rise in price against the US dollar."

How quickly one's starvation can cause one to forget that only the CBI can make such a statement.  Yes...Moments after they give You Mosul it may equal the MR.  

Note...You have no Mosul yet.  So if someone from over there believes in their opinion that the MR is done or announced...Fine...But one should only Trust via Verification from...The CBI.  But know this...IMF meetings are within days.  Have to admit...Am very Fascinated by this.  DELTA says it is a legit Newspaper from Iraq.


SlappySquirrel:  2 sources, are better than 1

Purifiers:   we see so much PROGRESS... compared with even a few months ago... and... IT IS COMING TO REALITY... SOON... (imo)   Purifiers 

WaymakersKid:  I think from what Frank has said on last CC and beyond it is already REALITY and we are VIRTUALLY there! Just waiting for CONFIRMATION on the wall at CBI! AND Mosul! Evidence of things not seen...YET!


TIM:  family. this article sounds exciting but i been in this investment to long and have seen many articles that basically says the same thing only to come and go. dont mean to be a debbie downer but a source who preferred not to be named is just someone opinion. do you all remember that one news site that printed the iraqi dinar revalued 1.00 to the us dollar on april fools day i beleive the year 2012. and many other articles through out the years. franl ready for your c.c. tonight

brother. all i can say is im smileing from ear to ear for your c.c. and for my detroit lions winning yesterday. have a blessed day everyone. 
Doodlebug:  Tim, you are not being a "Debbie Downer" (and no offense to people named "Downer", I mean "Debbie) <-----LOL, yes, we have all gotten excited over the years and have even said things like, "but it's different this time"...but here is my opinion...

It truly IS different this time. All Honor and Glory to God, Iraq has changed so much in a relatively short period of time and one should ask themselves, "Why go through all these changes if they were just going to stay at a programmed rate?"

And yes, we have even asked that question countless times...they can stay at 1166 forever if they wanted to but they are not the ones driving the bus this time.  As you suggested, let's just see what Frank and his Teams have for us tonight. And maybe we will get to hear from DELTA! Wouldn't that be a great treat for all of us?!?! ..

I am going to throw even more positive energy into the Universe re:our study, I'm going to pray and hope I can hear Him today and then see everyone on the call!

TIM:  oh doodlebug you are so right. this truly is different this time and i know that. excited about what is transpiring before our eyes to say the least. hope i didnt offend anyone on what i said earlier, just being a good student that is taking it all in.

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