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SlappySquirrel:  It seems like there's a few triggers or dominos in this process of an international rate. For instance we have the liberation of Mosul, newly appointed ministers in the GOI, lower denominations, article 8 compliance, International tradeable currency,  exchange process, other Re-valued currencies i.e. Dong, Zim, U.N. Operational rates.

I guess my question is will all of these events happen kind of at once ? Or will these be "staggered" events, Kind of like dominos, one falling after the other?
One other question, WHERE do we investors seek a liberated Mosul. Are we waiting for liberation to be painted all over the world news? Or some obscure Iraq news article. Iraq news vs. World news has Mosul at 2 different stages. They are not on the same page..any thoughts? ? 
Cornhusker:  Just one little item that was overlooked in your logic witch is very good by the way, every thing that is done in this world is done for only one reason and that nasty word is  POLITICAL.

SlappySquirrel:  2 other Items I forgot to list in my "dominos" for an international rate. 

ilitia:  In my view the ER are in TR (Transitional Rate)  form now..  Oil is well over $50.00 too. I wonder how many shipments have come and gone since Friday that may have a positive effect on the future of the IQD/USD ratio? If the other day when The Kurds implemented T&Ts (Taxes and Tarrifs) at the borders and within three hours they tapped $3.6 million.. I'll bet that they are making a fortune by now.. JMTC


SlappySquirrel:  Is it possible they could be AHEAD of schedule? I know dragging their feet was their modus for many years. But with corruption and terrorism gone, imf scoldings,  it seems like too much pressure on them to "drag things out". 

How about you Iraq actually get some things accomplished on time or better yet AHEAD of schedule... plz …..Thx, IMF WB and everyone else.

Zerb: IMO something you always have to think about as I've opinionated before.... everything you hear out of Iraq is just  shenanigans we are not waiting for them to finish anything because they've already accomplished everything.....you can see that with the bs on mosul.

If you go back and reread those articles on block chain and how it relates to the PTB. Till that is ready we won't see anything therefore I look to after the elections........ January February March

if in fact the block chain is ready we could see it earlier. this should be no surprise to anyone........  remember the money bankers need to control everything and know exactly where you're spending your profits........keep your eyes out side the sandbox  …IMO

Don961:  The Washington Post: edit Mosul is very important for Obama before the end of his presidency

Wrote: October 15, 2016
The Washington Post confirmed that the American liberation of Mosul is very important for Barack Obama to achieve victory before the end of his presidency.

The newspaper pointed out that the victory in Mosul will support the position of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who politically liberated during the coming to power most of the Iraqi areas of the organization Daesh terrorist.

The newspaper said the US military victory in Mosul is an affirmation of the role of the United States expansion in Iraq, where US commanders overseeing the gradual increase troops in addition to counseling and the use of attack helicopters in the upcoming battle in Mosul, according to the newspaper.

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