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Frank26:Well, well, well, well, well … how is our investment doing?

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD Morning Iraqi Dinar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How you doing?

I want to start out with an apology.

On Monday, I brought in a guest (Mr. Investor) and we talked about WF … and we said that WF was now getting involved in foreign currency.  I need to apologize.  WF has been involved with foreign currency for at least the last 2 years.  WF has about 70+ currencies that they do exchange. 

So, I need to correct myself.  I need to apologize to you, and make that amendment in our notes.

ith that said … I’m not just going to walk away without defending myself.  WF is exchanging foreign currency … over 70 of them … but when you ask them about the IQD … they say it’s a scam.  And they scare you half-to-death because you have bought some, or you are thinking about it.  

What I find is very disturbing, is that WF (Wachovia) was selling Iraqi Dinars and then they stopped … changed their tune … and said it was not an International currency – that it was just bad news.  What I find insulting is that WF gave me advice on the Iraqi Dinar.  Their advice was that it’s a scam.  Their advice on the IQD is to stay far away from it.

Um, if the IQD ever goes up in value, (smile) they advise me to stay away from it.  That’s what I find insulting.  That’s the irony of this is magnified even bigger.  You once sold it before … you stopped selling it … and now you say it’s a scam … and because you say it’s a scam, you don’t sell it, and you advise me … you suggest to me … you scare me from buying it.  Isn’t that more dangerous on your behalf WF?

I wonder WF … did you by any chance happen to read the USA Today, in the Money section see this a few days ago?  This is a full-page article about your shenanigans!
WF … “… this case might just be the beginning as more companies seek payback for misconduct.”

It’s a speculative investment Wells Fargo.  You seem to have a pattern.  So, I would like to offer my apologies to you family … in saying that WF did not sell foreign currency, when they have been doing it for the last two years or more in 70+ currencies … and the reason why they say they don’t sell the IQD is because it’s a scam.  What they should say is because it’s not internationally tradable right now.  That’s it.

Now, let’s walk into our studies.

Corruption is being targeted, found and killed – all over the place.  We used to say that about terrorism.

They are now switching over … (just like we said) … in saying corruption and not terrorism.

For example … excessive luxury taxes were being charged on certain items so that the corrupt people could line their pockets.

This atmosphere … which is melting away … like an ice cube in a furnace … this attitude of stealing … no rules, no laws … who’s gonna complain?  That “power” became disgusting.

But … enough is enough!

You see what is being produced by our newshounds.

EXAMPLE #1 -- Why would over 140 countries now be moving Iraq to the WHITE LIST?


WOW!!!  All of you?  Over 140 countries have been in the LL (long line).

EXAMPLE #2 – Yesterday, WalkingStick put out a post (#31) … “oil prices are going to start going up even more” – and we shared that with you already.
Iraq has 13 round of talks between the IMF, US, and the GOI.  <<< (not until you lift the value of your currency!!!)

A lot of money have been stolen … and IMO … THEY WON’T GET MORE LOANS until they lift the value of their currency.

IMO … one of the places that stole a lot of money, is the country called IRAN … through Maliki – through the auctions.

Now Iran is now trying to put their best foot forward … (this is kinda deep) … IMO … Iran had a lot to do with the corruption that delayed their (Iraq’s) reforms.

Hey Tink … when you go into a car, building … what do I do?

TINK:  You always open the door for me.

The reason why I do that is because I like to be cordial, polite, etc.

With that same idea … can we say the same to Iran.

I now see Iran going out of its way to open the door for Iraq.

The IMF now says that IRAN has improved in their economic conditions.  They said the same thing about Iraq last month.

Higher prices … IMF agreeing to seeing oil increases.

Iran wants a profit … and so Iran is sitting back and agreeing with everything coming out of the IMF right now.

Iran has caught up really fast “economically” – for profit … not political issues.

This will benefit Iran … and our monetary reform.

Abadi kicked out the Iranian militia.

As you know, Barzani went to visit Baghdad

An IRANIAN source said that “Iran has washed it’s hands of Maliki!”
What is Maliki?  That’s right, he’s Iranian.

Wow!  Iran is bending over backwards.

“ … insider information in the Green Zone … Maliki understanding of US-Iranian letter … new support for the American and Iranian Kurdistan … Abadi … will not fall …”

How quickly the sands turn in the middle-east.  In 10 days, Iran is in favor of what we and the IMF wants for Iraq?

Iran says that they are ready to provide any kind of assistance towards Iraq.

Iran is throwing Maliki under the bus!

This is a VERY HUGE step!

Saleh … (Abadi’s Financial Advisor) – says that their group … The Financial Management Act – “it should be noted that the Insurance of this law came as the IMF concluded things with Iraq.”  What things?  You know, the financial reforms.
Excuse me?  I hope you caught that family.  I’m not going to repeat it.   WOW!

The FAT LADY has now turned into Casper the Ghost, because we can see right through to the monetary reform. 
All of this is “insurance” with what the IMF has done with Iraq for their financial reforms.   This is impressive!

EXAMPLE #3 – IMO … the budget is COMING THIS MONTH family!

ARTICLE – “Parliament finance … not to amend the budget, but approve as is”

Is   Iran in a hurry to raise the value of their currency?  Do you know that Iraq gets to go first?

Turkey’s President … I don’t know, I don’t know.  Iraq wants to kick Turkey out … and I agree, they need to go home … and I think they will --- (for many reasons)

EXAMPLE #4 – I’m cool with Barzani.  He told the Iraqi citizens, that the battle with Mosul is looking good.  Barzani and Abadi had some meetings last week about the battle of Mosul.

Mosul will send a message of “unification.”  Iran is also falling in line with this “unification” plan.  Unification and prosperity for everybody – all nations, sects, etc.  They even have a new radio station/tower in Mosul.

Frank26:  EXAMPLE #6 – banking … “the central bank’s auctions … money laundering … smuggling money out of Iraq.”

We told you on Monday, that the US Treasury put their hands in CBI auctions.  They are watching every penny.  No more fictitious transfer garbage!  No more paying false/dead people.  No more bad trades with street vendors.  That should make you and I very happy.
The stolen money will now be returned.

ARTICLE:  “Iraq has enormous economic potential” – oh yes because corruption is being removed.  Maliki is becoming a thing of the past.

Yes, DAASH/ISIS is now being killed … but the corruption that has choked off the monetary reforms is also being eradicated. 

INE EXAMPLES that CORRUPTION in IRAQ is being killed:

#1 -- The policing of the United Nation groups, new laws, new banking systems being implemented.

#2 -- The currency auctions are being monitored.  That was the hole in the bottom of the ship
#3 – No more false names / dead people / false companies, etc.

#4 – The USD needs to stop being used (MCP) – which has been used at the borders

#5 – No more false bills / PO’s

#6 – No false accounts … like the example you saw about the Taxi Cab driver that moved a lot of money out of country.

#7 – No more diffusion of payments to false areas (building fake parks, etc).

#8 – The antiquated banking systems had to stop

#9 – No more false passports to transport IQD out of country

I agree with you Zerb … by the 3rd week of this month, they may actually introduce the budget and move forward.

Abadi delivered a speech to the people of Mosul.

How can you give a speech to the people of Mosul with a battle going on right now?   (Think about that.)

What did Abadi tell them?

He commanded collaboration with the Army – (in other words … he NOW needs the citizens need to work with the Army).  Show me Mosul, Abadi!

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell the Mosul citizens that with the forces we have now … that the LIBERATION of Mosul is at hand?

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell them NOW we command a collaboration with the sons of YOUR Army (known as the “Brothers of Mosul”?) 

Mr. Abadi … Did you announce to them that you reduced the budget from 23 to 15 Trillion Dinars?

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell the citizens of Mosul that you will submit the candidates for the new ministers THIS MONTH?

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell the citizens of Mosul that the issues between Baghdad  and Erbil will not be solved in just a few sessions, but it is being solved – (which is important to the citizens of Mosul)?

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell the citizens of Mosul that the presence of the Turkish troops in Iraqi territory is an INSULT on your sovereignty? 

Mr. Abadi … Did you tell the citizens of Mosul that SOON their LIBERATION IS COMING and that your armies are crushing the heads of DAASH?

We protect the monetary reforms of Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kurdish leaders visited Baghdad (under American protection) … YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!!
Look at the map of Iraq.
Place a check-mark next to all of the cities we have secured.

What about Mosul?  Abadi talked to the citizens yesterday.  Do we have it?  No.

These 5 cities are where the five Central Banks of Iraq are.

We have 4 out of 5 – all that is missing is Mosul.  (I understand)

ARTICLE:  “The catastrophic corruption between banks and companies in the sale of the American Dollar is coming to an end.”

Well … I’ll be darned.

In other words … the catastrophic corruption (think GOI/CBI) between banks (think Auctions) and companies in the sale of the American Dollar is coming to an end.”  Dang!  What else do you want to tell us man?!!!!

So, they are following the IMF’s instructions … inventorying their product (currency).
This is making me so HAPPY … and I’ll be the IMF too!

They even have a committee to oversee the funds of the depositors in the banks.  They are putting mouse-traps everywhere!

I’m happy about this!
You   know what is happening to oil … oil is artificially going up right now from $43 to about $60 … then it will double from there to about $120 … and then it will come back down around $60 – all of this is to fuel the budget.

I am surprised that OPEC and Iran is keeping their inventory low (stopping production) – they want to see the unity in the Middle East to support the currency of Iraq.

I pray that you’ve learned something tonight.

I pray and I hope that the media will tell us some more about what Abadi said yesterday.
If the fact that Abadi is talking to the citizens of Mosul doesn’t tell you something – I don’t know what will.

Think about it … why isn’t the US Treasury with the Iranian Rial or the Vietnamese Dong right now?

They are tracing EVERY dinar/dollar … EVERY serial number.

Family … IMO after today’s news … IMO … I believe we are going to see a budget … and see a change in their monetary policy and a change in their currency … THIS YEAR!  I keep getting these feelings, and … this year.  I can give you all kinds of reasons … I’m not giving you a date … but before the end of this year … we are going to see a change.

The media was just “selectively” admitted into Mosul.  They are about to tell the media, to tell you about Mosul.

CC ended in prayer.

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