Friday, October 28, 2016



RE: Thursday CC Notes 

Quote: Frank26:  If you read the article (picture with the 100 USD note) … and if you could read the Arabic CBI website … they are telling you they have raised the value of the IQD under the cover of Mosul.
Hootowl:  is the rate posted and we can,t see it.....and do they have three days now to release it internationally?

Cole:  Im gonna agree with hootowl... are we in those 3 days? Hasn't it already been at least 2???? IMO... I hope I'm right lol!!!  

Jay:  I know Cole..Its SOOOO AWESHUM...lol Praise our heavenly Father.

Idk when the clock would start. I don't remember if the cbi has to announce it publicly or if they  had to announce it to the citizens and then the clock started. I forget...lol

Either way I like BEFORE NOVEMBER and THEY CHANGED THE VALUE ALREADY...AS PER THE CBI LEAK.... SO ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG...IMO. I think we are just waiting for them to tell us. imo

Cole:  You said it!!! Wow!!!! Praise the LORD!!!! It's already done and set in stone! One night we will (not be sleeping because of things that we know) and then suddenly then BAM!!!!

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