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FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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Frank26:  Last Monday I asked if you could keep a secret.

IMO – the CBI is able to do that.

They are making their payments ON TIME.

There is a reason why we told you that the loans would be given to them.

They are big boys now and can make their payments on time.

This government has done everything possible to remove terrorism and corruption from every minister … not only in the GOI but also the CBI.

On Monday I said … “Let’s see what the CBI tells you in the next 2 days.”

We always need 3 days to prove reality. 

Tonight I will prove that to you.

Their train is on time … on track.

For them to receive “good” – (from their harbors) – these products are being paid for on time.

Think about it … a country with NO LIQUIDITY.

Their banking systems are working.

Two weeks ago, when I introduced the concept of “contracts” to you – many did their homework.

Remember … the area codes?  Fascinating, aren’t they?

If they are paying their bills on time … IMO … the monetary reform is doing this.

At 3:30AM – on that special morning, when they started Mosul … this whole process of their MP … they were able to pay their bills.  All in my opinion.

BTW – Mission Accomplished Sir!    Ex. Order 13303 … and 3:03AM.

So … here we are.  What do I want to share with you?

What has the CBI said to you in the last 2 days?

We said that Mosul would need one more week before they hit the CENTER.

What do you still see?

They are approaching the CENTER of Mosul.

Think about this … see POST #140 from WS (yesterday’s thread) –

The following day, within 24 hours … Abadi and his financial advisor came out and said … all of the banks are apart of the international standards in Iraq.  Corruption eliminated … laws passed to comply with the IMF … all within 2% … banks cooperating.

Not even 24 hours after that … you read the articles.  Sampson in Australia posted many.  So did WalkingStick.

Abadi told over 100 banks … “Get Out Of Here!!!”

He has told them that the UST is watching every auction … watching every move … you dumb banks.

So he starts out with the biggest thief of them all.

Iran has always tried to undermine anything that Iraq tries to do.

Abadi closed up the Iranian banks … and I’m not going to get into that intel.

All of the Iranian banks shut down … that used Maliki and the CBI idiots to steal money thru the auctions to send funds to their private bank accounts IS OVER!

Iraq will represent many currencies around the world.

We all knew that the auctions were doing this … didn’t you?

We all watched the auctions go down and down.  Thanks Don961!

This is about compliance … removing corruption … removing ISIS.

They are complying to everything they were asked to do.

You now know what the word derivative means … don’t you?

I’d like to introduce a NEW TERM to you … MONETARY POLICY (MP) – this will encompass the MR (Monetary Reform) and ER.(Economic Reform) 

In the articles … did you notice that they are removing the banks that will not comply with IMF rules/regulations?

Article says they are IMPLEMENTING the MONETARY POLICY.

This article also talks about the EXCHANGE RATE of their currency … and foreign exchange rate, etc.

It mentions in that article … the monetary plan (in 2006) is what was put together by the IMF.

Thank you for studying the word DERIVATIVE … which includes CURRENCY SWAPS and CONTRACTS … words that we have been teaching to you.

Over a year ago … there was another word … the GOI has a Mafioso style … and now you’re seeing articles that talk about that.

Messages to foreign banks … no more stealing money … no more excuses … no more double talk … no more junk!

We gave you the word Mafiosostyle.

You know the example of Good Cop / Bad Cop? … Who can you trust when everyone is corrupt?

Those were the worst of times … and now … we get the Best of Times.

Let’s see what they’ll give you in the next 2 days.

Maliki was funneling money to all of his corrupt cronies … funneling money to Iran (without tunnels).  All of that was shut down within 24 hours.

Abadi was working with the UN and the UST … watching these people … now replacing them to prepare for this day!

Abadi dropped one HUGE bomb on the Iranian banks … and this is why the CBI/GOI needed additional time.

I’m happy about that!

That is so powerful!

The CENTER of Mosul equals the MP. (Monetary Policy)

Also … there were too many mom-pop currency sellers … all of that has to stop too to eliminate confusion in the market.

In the USA … we call those types of people … “loan sharking.”  Those practices are ending.
Today’s articles … “Our troops aren’t going anywhere.”  You already know that, don’t you.

The biggest embassy in the world is in Baghdad.  We are not leaving.

One of the commanders said that by the end of this month … they will be in the CENTER of Mosul.

2017 Budget … do they need to read it again?  Yes … why?  They need another week.

Troops will NOT evacuate Mosul after it is secure.

Another reason why we are not going anywhere … not leaving the villages … the Peshmerga can take the credit … but we are staying (GI Joe) … is because we want to repopulate these villages.

Abadi is about ready for elections pretty soon.

It is pretty important for the USA to help bring these people back in.

GI Joe will remain … replacing the millions and millions of people … (secure the vote) … and to start currency.

Example:  do you remember that the Arabs complained that the Kurds had flooded Kirkuk with Kurds … which messed up the census?  That is what is trying to be prevented here.

They are NOT in the CENTER of Mosul yet … but the activity is picking up.  ISIS are cowards … but they are having to sweep house by house.

Will the IMF meet on the 7th?  We’re not sure.  We don’t have any info on that yet.  If it does … we believe it will be a meeting of “signing.”

Let me talk to you about DELTA …

As you know, DELTA talked about the article … the article came from a journalist outside of Iraq … it’s not a blog or forum … it’s a legit newspaper.  It is possible that a CBI member might have leaked that information.

There is a difference between the price of the IQD (which is in the open market) vs. the value of the IQD … which is the Monetary Reform … which is occurring RIGHT NOW.   I need you to implement that IDEA into that article.

Overall they are talking about the Monetary Reform everywhere … and Delta found 3 sources now … and that’s why we tell you it is legit.

The rate of the IQD must go up … and the Lower Denoms must be introduced.

Delta said that the article when he translated said that this “DID HAPPEN” (past tense) the value of the IQD – the word “yurfaw” (sp) translated means that it did happen.   Street value?  We’re not sure.

D E L T A ’ s    V O I C E   R E C O R D I N G   –

“I’d like to leave a small message to the family … I miss all of them … wish you a lot of prosperity.

As you know, a lot of good news coming out of Iraq.

Mosul will not be an issue.

Things are progressing very good.

We are watching the CBI … 3 or 4 days ago (last Saturday) … a notice came out that the CBI is planning on increasing the value of the IQD … and we should see something in the coming days, they said, significant increase with the dollar – supply and demand.
Looks like something they are going to do.

The IMF told them a long time ago to gradually increase the value of the IQD, and that is what we are waiting for.  It said in the coming days … but remember, this is Iraq.  It could take 2-3 days to a week.

The IMF specifically told them to do IMPLEMENTATION before they get the 2nd batch (640 Million Dollars) which would be before November.  The newspaper is a legit paper.  I’ve got different confirmation from a different newspaper.

This is a plan, and they are going to go forward and do that.

This is what we are waiting for.  There isn’t anything else … this is what we are waiting for.

We all know the CBI plans on coming out with the 50, 100 and 200 dinar notes by early 2017.  But the rate has to start increasing and going up because those lower denominations because at this rate … those notes have no value.

We are watching the CBI … waiting to see if anything happens.

Also, I’m getting a lot of PM’s about Wakara Bank … they are working on fixing their website.  As you know, they take their time when they do things.

Love you all!    See you all in Hawaii soon!”
Frank26:  “Yurfaw” is one of the words in that article … it says that “IT DID HAPPEN” – and someone within the CBI leaked that info to somebody.

We feel that the MR is coming.

Now we see what is going on with the auctions.

That is so HUGE and powerful.

These are historical events … happening so fast … that maybe we don’t appreciate it.

The IMF brought in the right people to get the job done.

Now the auctions are being controlled.

Over 100 banks!  That’s a major movement.  Checkmate!

Same with the ministers of the GOI … something like over 200 were eliminated … replaced with technocrats.

We’ve been expecting this, haven’t we family.

Be aware … be grateful … these are the moments we’ve been waiting for.

Mahadi – he turned the position down.  You know why?  Same as Dr. Shabibi … both too old … both want to retire … but they want to see the MR through with Abadi.

I pray that you enjoyed your conference call.


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