Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Excerpt from Tuesday Night CC The Big Call Notes, 19 OCT

Excerpt from Tuesday Night CC The Big Call Notes

Bruce: Then we have the INDO declaration
Tank:  The INDO declaration is was an announcement of the global currency reset and put out on the INDO site form Indonesia. You can go on the site and see some impressive documents they made public free humanity form the slave of debt.

It is worthy of your time to look at it. It is big deal because it set up the recession. It is international law 72hours they have to wait.  Then they can initiate the conditions of that contract. That is where we are at. It blacked out the US for that announcement.
Bruce:  We had a number of blog sites taken down for a while then they came back up. That is where we are in that 71 hour time frame that is something part of international law. Good news is 72 hours is almost up.  When that period is up we should be able to go forward with the release of Tier 4. 
Bruce:  We use to be in Tier 4.  Then we thought we were in Tier 3. Then we find that they moved out of tier 3 into tier 4. Tier 3 has been completed; bond transactions, some SKR. I believe it is coming up where it is our turn. That is good news.
Other thing is that we understand everything to get to this point has been accomplished out west. Everything is moving along beautifully in participation from the East, our friends from the East, and people in charge of releasing this to the groups. I understand that is moving along nicely too. We are not too far for what we are waiting for. Yes maybe another thing here and there like the 72 hour.

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