Monday, October 10, 2016


xcerpt From Wed. Night CC

Frank26   ARTICLE: “The catastrophic corruption between banks and companies in the sale of the American Dollar is coming to an end.”  NINE EXAMPLES that CORRUPTION in IRAQ is being killed:

#1 -- The policing of the United Nation groups, new laws, new banking systems being implemented.

#2 -- The currency auctions are being monitored. That was the hole in the bottom of the ship.

#3 – No more false names / dead people / false companies, etc.

#4 – The USD needs to stop being used (MCP) – which has been used at the borders

#5 – No more false bills / PO’s.

#6 – No false accounts...

#7 – No more diffusion of payments to false areas (building fake parks, etc).

#8 – The antiquated banking systems had to stop

#9 – No more false passports to transport IQD out of country.

Bagdad, Basrah, Mosul, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah...These 5 cities are where the five Central Banks of Iraq are.  We have 4 out of 5...secured...all that is missing is Mosul. 

In other words...the catastrophic corruption (think GOI/CBI) between banks (think Auctions) and companies in the sale of the American Dollar is coming to an end.” 

So, they are following the IMF’s instructions...inventorying their product (currency).  

IMO … I believe we are going to see a budget...by the 3rd week of this month...and see a change in their monetary policy and a change in their currency...THIS YEAR!

I’m not giving you a date...but before the end of this year...we are going to see a change.

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