Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Bluwolf:  The truth

The six month old liberation of Mosul is finally being announced, this is the last wrench that stall our RV. In order to be fully given UN sovereignty a country must meet many a standards ( security, full control of country) is one of them.

Please remember that this Isis create crap invented by the US has given us a 6 year delay, yeah a 6 year wrench thrown by O the almighty.

Please also know that Syria and Venezuela is also in that basket of twenty.

If you can get my drift you can see how the US has been the one behind all this mayhem and deceit for their own personal greed for total wealth.

But no need to worry for as of the 10th all currencies received their full values and WE ONLY WAIT ON THE 800 NUMBER, PERIOD. ARE WE CLEAR.

I speak no more. Please don't ask me for certain information on the date when we are to receive this here number for we do not know of the when but we do know that its finally HERE, CAPISH.

No more asking the less you know the faster you will receive this blessing guaranteed.

Na'maste Bluwolf

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