Thursday, September 8, 2016


kaseyko1: I've read where Russia, China, Iraq & Iran are pushing hard to get the 2nd basket of currencies pushed through this weekend that would include the Rial. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we see the 1st basket by Friday.

It's nice to hear that people are exchanging, very encouraging. Weeks ago my attorney made a passing statement that some of his clients did have an appointment for the exchange. So we should be extremely close to our exchange time.

 B2Ray2Day: Dang it......... I hope I don't spend another NEW year with you all... I'm ready 2 Xchange!!!!!!

r2d2: B2. I have family that has exchanged. Be patient.

ify: r2d2 - wow, you know people that have exchanged !!! in what time frame - months, weeks, days ???

r2d2: At least a year ago

ify: how fortunate for them

r2d2: ify, yep ugh! No one more frustrated than me!

GreatDay: r2..that would be frustrating that family exchanged and you're still waiting :(

r2d2: Great you have no idea! Greed and arrogance sucks! At least u know we are there

GreatDay: That would be so hard! Do you see them often?

r2d2: Every freckling day! Good night. This is very real, be patient folks! I'm trying!

GoodTimes1:  if Iraq is waiting for the Golden moment sometime it Never comes

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