Sunday, September 4, 2016


Elmerf123456:  Bismayah is now open for business. I think many of our brethren have fallen asleep and have no clue how big this is and what the major significance in the grand scale it means! IMO we have made it! Iraq has made HUGE progress and we are benefactors! There are no coincidences!

Ubetcha:  elmer agreed! just where did the money come from? hmmmmm how are families moving in with what money? hmmmmm how do they plan to continue to pay bills to live there?? Hmmmmm

DollarBill9:   is Bismayah in the green zone

Elmerf123456;  Bismayah is 6 miles south of Baghdad…. I was the first one to bring this in to dinar land several years ago and it is a huge project and to see it come to completion and families finally moving in is so big for that country you have no idea study up open your eyes wide and Know the country has arrived.   http://www.bismayah.org/

Bandit:  elmerf123456 Pretty danged impressive

Ecubucs:  Elmer, i remember 60 Minutes had a nice video documentary about this community just South of Baghdad about a year ago... We knew then that what we hear coming from OUR News sources was NOT was was actually happening in the country of Iraq! Good that you bring this back to light!

rock1941:   you tube on bismayah    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gURv8N2qfd4

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