Friday, September 30, 2016


Mangelo:  the market is down...I am so hoping we get some great news from Iraq!!!!

Barzani and Abadi met, that was the clock that Ray was waiting on, but he was also told that they would make an announcement like the HCL is done ...let's get this done... then possibly the RV to follow with number coming out soon after that, but he doesn't know if anything went that way.

With so many things going over there, meetings with UST and their financial people, and hearing they will be paid tomorrow on their cards, salaries etc. let's hope!!!

Suggar:  mangelo I was away yesterday was there any word from iraq yesterday

Mangelo:  SUGGAR that was an important day with China, since they will become the 2nd currency in the world. supposedly to follow to become asset backed

IdahoUSA :  A relatively rare occurrence will take place tonight “ Friday” in the nighttime sky: a black moon. The official time of the black moon in the Western Hemisphere starts at 8:11 p.m. EDT Friday. Skywatchers will have to look really, really hard if they want to see it.

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