Thursday, September 29, 2016


Elmerf123456:  There are major components In Iraq as a nation that must happen. Security stability and unification! We have seen security the reduction in soon on the nation of Isis. We have seen stability with the induction of loans from the IMF and loan investment from the world !

And now you were witnessing unification and agreement with the brotherhood of Iraq! Indeed a huge step forward

As far as an RV is concerned it is my opinion and always have been this is far bigger than Iraq. The internal workings of their country is more important to them but has not slowed this process down but it does get their house of cards in order!

They are only one element on the power grid and they are not the power grid


Suggar:  keep in mind that we are supposed to go to exchange centers and not to the typical branch so would the people in the branches have any idea of what is going on

Cuse101:  My bank specifically told me there is an exchange center in my area. That is how open the communications have been alll along.

Suggar:  Guys we will see many changes in the next few weeks .....we need to put away the magnifying glasses and just enjoy the ride …….we will know .....

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