Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Mangelo:  Today is our day and it only should be filled with positive thoughts!!! Today is the day!!

Annie68:  mangelo, one of these days you will be right!!

Mangelo:  annie I was right...it's just not public yet!

Carlosisen:  so I'll ask "the question". are we still looking for something now or is this put once again on the back burner

Mssylvia: Just remembered..."they" seem to believe in 9's being the end, well, today is 9-(2+7=9), (2+0+1+6=9)...9-9-9 so, today would be our day.

Alpha16:  9 is the number for completion, a baby is born after 9 months, get ready.


Ecubucs:  Folks, just because we don't see what's going on, on the surface doesn't mean MUCH is Not going on behind the scenes... MUCH IS!!!! Do I expect the GCR/RV between now and Oct 1st? NEGATIVE! But major developments are happening right now to Oct 1st that work to our advantage for the to occur in the very near future... IMO

LadyB22:  ecubucs, why do you think negative for now to oct 1? I thought you were expecting it any minute?

Ecubucs:  LadyB22 I'm expecting it over the next few days, weeks... We will Never know what changes this when it's about to be released. This is as much political as our next elections. The world wants this to go Now! But the US is the Major player in control of this! I, like you are praying everyone connected to this happening  plays Nice so this will happen ASAP...

Four2atous:  Will Merkel save the bank?= http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-26/deutsche-bank-return​s-as-merkel-s-election-year-sparring-partner

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