Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Ubetcha:  Just my 2 cents........ My daughter worked at a regional bank and she left mostly because of the pressure and quotas in place to get customers to open new accounts. If they didn't make their quotas there were penalties in place and the bank manager had their monthly bonus effected.. this is not new or just WF... so why them? why now? hmm

NoNo:  ubetcha - why them? why now? -- clearly, its an attempt to sabotage WF because of the prominence they have in the RV/GCR as the lead financial institution for currency redemptions and at a higher level, the Historical Bond redemptions... the practice of account building is not something solely in the basket of WF and their management practices... its a common thing in banking.

OKRocks:  it was announced that Iraq is now a Sovereign member of UN ... all sanctions lifted and are to revalue their currency... cant tell you who but its a good source

Ecubucs:  Yes, the biggest part of this is that the UN has lifted ALL Sanctions from Iraq. Iraq has met All requirements to qualify and has again become a member of the general council of the UN as discussed at the G20.   Bottom line, They've been given the "Go Ahead" to revalue their currency! The question is WHEN???


Texsailor2:  talked with a good friend this afternoon that is doing remodeling work for an Iraqi couple in a major city here in Texas. During their conversation he asked them if they were issued the Debit (Qi) card from the government of Iraq to which they replied they had been. The wife then said that the exchange rate on the card was $3.20. This seems to confirm the intel that the in country RI has taken place as we have been told by Ray and others.

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