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GJHHonor:  CBI still has not updated today . Australian Dollar AUD 907.540 907.086 CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1182.000 1180.000 Euro EUR 1328.213 1327.549 British pound GBP 1581.634 1580.843 Canadian dollar CAD 916.634 916.176 Swiss franc CHF 1220.570 1219.960 Swedish krona SEK 139.657 139.587 Norwegian krone NOK 144.460 144.388 Danish krone DKK 178.426 178.337 Japanese yen JPY 11.651 11.645 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1658.819 1657.989 Indicative rates - 08.09.2016

Skipper2:  GJHHonor - Since you are the keeper of market data - May I ask what your take is on the fact that CBI has not updated for well over 1 week?

GJHHonor:  Skipper sorry I have no clue… just posting that it has not updated imo …I HOPE it is about to chnage the rates for our rv.

GreyEagle1:  Just a lurkers observation: This is the first time in over 6 ears that I observed the Central Bank of Iraq being "closed" for a solid week. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!

InfinitePower:  Top-10-weakest-currenc​ies-of-world (Include the Zimbabwe Zim, Iranian Rial, Tome’ Dobra, Vietnamese Dong, Belarusian Ruble, Indonisian Rupiah,  Guinian Franc,  Paraguayan Guarani, Sierra Leonean Leone,  Cambodian Riel, Malagasy Ariary,  Uganan Schilling,


MountainMole:  infinitepower thanks for the article. if one goes there it has a link to the 10 weakest currencies. People often wonder which currencies will be in other baskets. By looking at countries with weakest currencies and then researching on their natural resources may assist us in what currencies have potential in the GCR. Most simply want off this train. JMHO Have a blessed day.


HighHopes: With tomorrow being a “Triple Witching Day” the Saturday Night Bloomberg scenario may now be true this time ....just later then they expected!!!

Triple witching is the expiration of stock options, stock futures, and an index option or index futures contract at the same time. The triple expiration happens four times a year on the third Friday of the month in March, June, September, and December

Here is the Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning to all new exchange rates!!!

Its a couple years old but heck ...with all the delays we have seen in the RV....I still think this info is very relevant, and its exciting to see it on MSM.........really makes it feel real.....


TBarts:  Highhopes. You might just be on to something!?!?!

HighHopes:  Tbarts- if these trades are margin called tomorrow at end of trading day....and all the financial folks don’t have the money to pay....there could be a big "Crash" (Think The Duke Brothers at the end of "Trading Places" movie)

HighHopes:  I just hope it means the new banking system takes over and new rates are released worldwie before Oct. 1st when our new fiscal year starts.

Yada: highhopes,,,this is just an RV of the dinar that we are expecting,,,a new banking system or new fiscal have anytbing to do with the RV process,,,,just and RV of the dinar,,,

Phychicgrandma:  So, if this were truly going to happen today, shouldn't we have heard by now?

Yada: not necessarily,,any part of the day it can happen,, mostly,,this is around their time frame in Irqi,,not the US time frame…


Reposted from Tuesday :  (Triple Witching Day is Friday 9-16-16)

Highhopes:  Friday is a triple witching day when the contracts are due on bonds, commodities and stocks all on the same day. That rarely happens but in the shape they're all in, that's going to really kill 'em.

Suggar: high GM ....what makes it active

Highhopes: suggar - as I understand it - it becomes a reserve currency like the USD, Canada and Australia.....Most countries will have more yuan in their treasuries as a reserve currency - supposed to be a really big deal…..right now its just Chinese currency- it will soon become a world reserve currency…people smarter than me can explain it better I'm sure

Highhopes: The triple witching day on Friday is huge. remember Trading Places-the movie ? At the end -the margin call....when the Duke Brothers couldn’t pay - the NYSE took all their property and money- made them broke? well...that could happen to lots of folks on Friday…lots of companies worldwide too!   and maybe a good time to crash the old system and start the new???  Wishful thinking maybe- but it’s a big day

Suggar:  do you really want to crash several at one time

Highhopes:  I heard its the fiat system to crash while the new asset backed is ready to go as soon as it does....hope so but who knows?   Just something to think about.

Read2now: Sorry to ask, but what is "triple witching"?

Highhopes:  Witching Hour: CNBC Explains  

What are witching hours?

Witching hours occur when financial contracts—specifically options and futures—end on the third Friday of a month.

The time periods—double, triple, quadruple—reflect the number of contracts that expire.
Traditionally, all contracts expire in the same hour—thus the name witching hour—usually the last hour of trading.



DEFINITION of 'Triple Witching' 

Triple witching occurs when the contracts for stock index futures, stock index options and stock options expire on the same day. Triple witching days happen four times a year on the third Friday of March, June, September and December. Triple witching days, particularly the final hour of trading preceding the closing bell, can result in escalated trading activity and volatility as traders close, roll out or offset their expiring positions.

BREAKING DOWN 'Triple Witching'
Since 2002, triple witching days have also included the expiration of single stock futures, meaning there are actually four types expiring contracts, but the term quadruple witching has never caught on.
Triple witching days generate trading activity and volatility because contracts that are allowed to expire may necessitate the purchase or sale of the underlying security. While some derivative contracts are opened with the intention of buying or selling the underlying security, traders seeking derivative exposure only must close, roll out or offset their open positions prior to the close of trading on triple witching days.
Offsetting Futures Positions
A futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell an underlying security at a predetermined price on a specified day, mandates the agreed-upon transaction to take place after the expiration of the contract. For example, one futures contract on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index (S&P 500) is valued at 250 times the value of the index. If the index is priced at $2,000 at expiration, the underlying value of the contract is $500,000, which is the amount the contract owner is obligated to pay if the contract is allowed to expire.
To avoid this obligation, the contract owner closes the contract by selling it prior to expiration. After closing the expiring contract, exposure to the S&P 500 index can be maintained by purchasing a new contract in a forward month. This is referred to as rolling out a contract.

Expiring Options
Options that are in the money present a similar situation for holders of expiring contracts. For example, the seller of a covered call option can have the underlying shares called away if the share price closes above the strike price of the expiring option. In this situation, the option seller has the option to close the position prior to expiration to continue holding the shares, or allow the option to expire and have the shares called away.

Triple Witching and Arbitrage
While much of the trading in closing, opening and offsetting futures and options contracts during triple witching days is related to the squaring of positions, the surge of activity can also drive price inefficiencies, which draws short-term arbitrageurs. These opportunities are often the catalysts for heavy volume going into the close on triple witching days, as traders attempt to profit on small price imbalances with large round-trip trades that may be completed in seconds.



New Republic via a GCR: 15 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 15 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

1. It was reported that there has been a global equity sell off in the Stock Market going on since Friday Sept. 9 2016. Stocks and bonds have slumped, while oil sank after the International Energy Agency’s prediction that a glut would extend into next year. The Stock Market volatility has wiped out $93 billion from the world’s 400 biggest fortunes.

2. On Sept. 13 2016 during TNT Chat roadrunner237 claimed that a banker contact said that the RV would happen this Thurs. Sept. 15, the price of the Zim had gone way up, (He was not allowed to speak on how much, but his previous rate was 68 cents) and the banker was now on a gag order not to talk any more.

3. Also on Sept. 13 2016 it was reported that the UK was set to follow in Iceland's footsteps by arresting top HBOS Bankers and setting them for trial. The bankers were charged with fraudulent trading, money laundering, and corruption in connection with the 2008 Stock Market crash. UK Begins Mass Arrests of Bankers

4. Bruce said that foreign currency exchanges began in Europe last Mon. Sept. 14, while other Guru sites indicated that the Iraqi Dinar revalued last week, cards were loaded, back pay had been paid and Iraqi citizens were spending money based on the Dinar's new rate.

5. The above was hard to confirm because as of Sept. 14 the Iraqi website was still down, and had been for several days.

6. The present Stock Market crash that began Sept. 9 2016 was continuing on Sept. 14 2016, with global markets down an average of 4%.

7. On that same Sept. 14 2016 TNT RayRen reported that the new currency rates were said to be on the bank screens and bankers were expecting to do currency exchanges tomorrowThurs. Sept. 15.

8. This Friday on Sept. 16 2016 would be a Stock Market Triple Witching Day when contracts for stock index futures, stock index options and stock options expired on the same day. A Triple Witching Day could result in escalated trading activity and volatility as traders closed, rolled out, or offset their expiring positions.

9. Financial experts were predicting an even more drastic stock market decline that was expected to begin Friday Sept. 16 2016 and continue through at least Sept. 30.

10. The end of the fisical year for the US Corporation was Sept. 30 2016, while the gold and asset backed currency of the new US Republic and other countries including the new global reserve Chinese Yaun, was set to begin on Oct. 1 2016.

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