Monday, September 12, 2016



Ecubucs:  We Will Be BLESSED if it (Zim) simply comes out at .02 or .03 w/ a 6 Zero Lop. That's what I'm targeting..

Dallred123:  Even a half cent

SouthernTexas:  Ecubucs- me too. Still more money then I ever thought we would have in our lives!

Yada:  Ecubucs. It gives more meaning to blessings are renewed every morning. I'm our case. Interest posted every morning….. The money we have just sitting the banks alone, even before we invest in projects, will make interest daily. More interest than what some people earn in a year.

Kozmo:  I'm with you with the 2-3 cents regarding the Zim. That would be amazing. Even 1/2 of a penny will be fine with me

FantasticLady:  Well didn't Ray say that he was going to ask for 3 digits on the zim? I don't know about you all, but IMO,the zim could go up to .68cents. At least, I plan to ask for a higher rate when I go in. I believe it's possible. Anything is possible on this ride….. I mean if it comes finally at 3 cents and no more negotiation, then I'll take it. But why not shoot for the stars?

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