Monday, September 26, 2016


Jose:  whats our next date Oct 1st

Yada:  Jose,,expecting it before 10-1-16,,,,Unlike the many, I do not believe there will be any asset backed Chinese currency because there hasnt been one article in the news and THAT would effect the relationships to other banks and THEY are not expressing any concern

Ecubucs: It may be an unpopular belief in this forum but I 100% Believe that this is an Asset Backed GCR occuring with most of the countries in the world revaluing their currencies both up & down. Iraq is the spearhead of this Reset and we are within Days of seeing this BEGIN to occur! 9/29-10/1. Again, just my belief...


Fisher : want an update?  Can't put it too exactly or it could spoil the plan, but, here goes

Dunford allegedly asked for 25 hours last night, and got it

UN General assembly members got word on the release today at noon

The debate starts at 9PM EDT

Market started tanking right at the closing bell

MIGHT be an interesting evening from all indications

As always, we take the news with a grain of salt, but the salt shaker is almost empty and the clock continues to click down

Keep an eye out for something , anything, from other sources, like Yosef

SthTxSam : likeeeee the Tetelestai letter Fisher??

Fisher :  no, that will come when it is released, but someone may put out something similar to what I just told you….Bruce and Yosef are the most likely to say something,

if anyone sees anything, post it and put a link

Oh, and a tippy top Naval officer says pretty much the same, it's a GO

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