Monday, September 19, 2016


Elmerf123456:  You heard it here first! Makes you want to go hmmm! Iraq PM Abadi holds a press conference then heads to NewYork. In case you want to know the primary purpose of the visit is twofold.

1. The Mission...Mosul

2. A visit to the IMF

3. Hmmmm!    Time always tells

TeamD:  i would think Obama would want it now for his legacy

KYMan:  Will they RV while PM Abadi is here in the USA or after he get back to Iraq ?

Elmerf123456:  Who cares as long as they do it right! I'm not picky on location.

Ify:  it's a short flight when you fly private

TeamD:  either way it would just be a matter of hours

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