Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Bruce:   Welcome Everybody to the Big Call.  Yes, we are near to the end of the month.
Bruce:  As you remember on Thursday call we talked in terms of we didn’t anticipate any more so called regular Big calls. We believed and thought it be the last one. Yet, here we are a very special Big call. It is not yet a celebration call. Let not your hearts be troubled.
 I do believe we are in a very strong season for this to come through. We are in excellent position to receive this blessing in very short order. Don’t know next day or so, but believe this is our week.
Bruce:   I am not a rate or date guy, but I like hearing them. We don’t put those out because they change. We don’t want to be doing the banks or redemption center’s business. We are not in the game putting out rates or stuff.
You have seen things out there, and you should have a very good opinion.  Anyone that thinks the ZIM is going to be 05, .09, or say .15 cents, you are not paying attention. It is not what it is.  Leave all that stuff behind.  

xpect an excellent, unbelievable blessing, great incredible blessing from God who is giving us way more that what we expect. If I would say this would occur a year or two ago, I would say we wouldn’t be there at these rates.  If you do not have ZIM, you are still in great shape. If you do have ZIM, you are in the best shape.
Bruce: Where are with Iraq?  It is the one we have had to follow all the way to the end.  This we have. They have revalued in country, they are using Qi cards, back pay all the way back to January.  Decent rates on cards.
Iraq did all they were asked to do. They jumped through hoops, more than they had to do.  They did all they were required to do. The G20 meeting was positive, the treaties, Paris Treaty, all agreed upon.  It was just announced, the Paris agreement yesterday in the UN general assembly. It was a very big deal when that went down.
We understand one individual wasn’t there that should have been there yesterday. Some things were discussed today around noon, as were yesterday and further attention was given in the UN. That was good. Everything is moving along in that perspective.
Bruce: We do have everything getting about ready to take place in terms of announcements that we are thinking coming forth here fairly soon regarding Nesara, the returning to the Republic form of government. This could be forth coming fairly shortly after we get notification.
Notifications are pretty much the last thing we are looking for to receiving which is the toll free number to set our appointments and begin our redemption process. The last thing we are looking for to is to go to the redemption centers. We could be there in the very immediate future, could take a few days to get that done. We are in a good place to receive. That is the sort of the timing we are looking at right now.
Bruce:  Back wall?  Will this go before October? The back walls in the past for us were sort of knocked down. I think we are at the point we could say if we have a back wall it is close and I think we won’t go beyond it.
The Chinese brought the Chinese Yuan in a gold back standard,   and prepared to announce that around September 29, 30 and maybe October 1st. in that range of days. We should have a discussion returning to the gold standard, the gold reserves. I believe, this is my opinion, when they do that it will sort of put us in a situation we also we will be able to talk about going back to the gold standard. It is the sort of the lead in to the GCR. I believe.
Will it occur before China discusses or happen be part of the scenario? I am not sure. We think that this is very important, extremely important.  Highly significant for the world to witness what China will discuss when that time comes.
That is the last catalyst for everything to go down for us. Anything else to do? Any additional laws, legislations? We don’t think so, except for the release to Wells Fargo from the Fed with the go ahead for Wells Fargo to release the toll free number to us.
Are we privilege to receive that number to give notification to our listeners? We believe we are. I think that is what going to happen. I don’t know how quickly for us. If we are chosen for that, we will do the honorable thing. We will put it out with respect carefully and where it can be seen by those who need to see it and do the right thing by that honor.
We thank all involve in that Wells Fargo, Bank of China, HSBC, all affiliates in the lineup of what we will be receiving. We appreciate that. Not only the banks we will be working with but also Abbott Downing who is ready to help us. 7,000 redemption centers which include US and Canada.
Bruce:  AIIB, we know they have a number of offices in Atlanta.  They are fully staffed and up as of last Friday. Today is Tuesday. We know they have offices in few other states as well, Dallas, San Francisco, Miami, and New York. Those offices are staffed, up and running now live, ready to go. Office in NY is the one that has the task of being there for the currency intake center. This is really good news.
Realize any problems Wells Fargo has had do not affect this for us. Those were on the retail side of the bank, and they are taking care of those. I understand those situations are being handled.  We should feel very confident working with the wealth side of the bank, Abbott Downing. For those seeing the news, have seen some things not sure about. I just want to let you know I have confidence personally.  Yet diversification to several banks you may use such as a small town bank for your bill paying.  Everyday small town living stuff makes perfect sense.
You should diversify anyways even if you have a structure payout. You will have the funds to do so. The idea of getting cashier checks at the time of the exchange, the amounts are to be below a half million dollars. You can get two or three of them. IF you are doing something larger than that and to have excess of more funds sooner, give thought to the ideas of getting your bank wire coordinates. That is your account number and have your ABA routing number, and that is on your check.
Check with your local bank if they have any other instructions for money wires. Get the information before you go to the exchange. You could do a bank wire. I wouldn’t do more than one at the time of your exchange.  If you want to put some seed money in your small town account. I wouldn’t go crazy with it.  Talk with your bank manager at that branch before you go to your appointment. 
Say Mr. or Ms. Bank Manager, I have a bank wire I like to deliver to your bank, and I want you to know I have some funds coming from a transaction to put in my existing account or open new account. If more than a million dollars you might want to use your wealth management. In my case you want to put a decent amount in that bank to take care of some bills, debts, you could do it that way. You already got your checks, you are set up.  You don’t have to, but might choose to do that. 
Depending on until Wells Fargo has their retail branches in all 50 states, some of you won’t have that luxury of retail banking. We should have private banking on the retail side of Wells Fargo and relationship with Abbott Downing who is handling ZIM portion of our exchange. You will have that option. 

I am saying, if you don’t have retail of Wells Fargo in your state, than use Abbott Downing by phone, by plane. Set your banking through their wealth management. They will give you concierge services using the family office and help you do certain things such as purchase of a home. Use them if you need them or as you need them.
They will have their resources strengthened and they will have their hands full. You will have follow up appointments with them and they will be busy. At first have business with them maybe meet with them for an hour and come back again when they get their total office set up. They are in flux as result of this. And migrating to permanent office situations where they will be out of a lot of the redemption centers.
Most of them will be moving over to new offices or offices where they can have normal hours and appointments instead of round of clock transactions. They will go back to normal 9 to 5 after 6 to 7 days having the high rates.

ruce:  My understanding is I believe, this was on Wednesday night just before midnight, we had something occur where sovereign nations were paid out for their currencies.  We understand the debt between these sovereign nations were eliminated. The debts were wiped out. Clean slate. That is big news. That occurred. 
Then nations are no longer in debt to each other. What about our debt in this country? Through provisions of a lot of dinar tied to credit to pay down our debt. We may have that it paid off in a year from my understanding.  Don’t hold that to me.  We will see if that is the case regardless who our new President is.
Bruce:  I am at the point right now I think we could be honored enough to receive the blessing of the notification of toll free numbers anytime. I am just saying we will do the right thing with it and put it out to you with great care. Everyone can take a deep breath.  Exhale and begin the process of setting your appointment very casually, very aware but not frantic or chaotic.

Know that you are at the end of the ride and you can step into your new future because everyone on this call will be doing this. If I get new information I will bring it back at the end of the call tonight.
Bruce:  I got a few phone calls during the call. I am not going to say we are 100 percent there right now. We are pretty close. We should be in good shape for our next call.  I really appreciate everyone’s input, team spirit and the team aspect here on the Big Call.  Hopefully we will have a celebration call.  Get some sleep and get ready and prepare for your new lives that should start here pretty soon. Good night everybody.

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