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Bruce:  Where are we in the steam of things?  Five days since our last call. You knew we were in a very good position. We thought the weekend. Here we are having another call. Where is our 800 number?  You were thinking same thing I was when I woke up this morning.

Bruce:  When the G20 meeting took place and Paris agreement was ratified by all parties and it included the RV and GCR. It was a done deal at that time, it was agreed upon. What has happened at the UN was very positive in terms of Iraq.

This is not only about Iraq.  It is a totally international reset of currencies and rates, financial structure, banking system; everything we have talked about for almost 5 years. We are at the point now we will take a look at what has occurred.

Bruce:  Iraq has received complete sovereignty finally.  All their sanctions were removed.  

They are the 209th nation admitted into the World Counsel of the UN. The second thing they were instructed at the UN was to go ahead to revalue the Iraqi dinar immediately. What does immediately mean? 

Whatever immediately means, we are going to take as very good news.

I heard there was a black out to the United States for several days, 8 or 9 days. We understood that was lifted. So some phone calls went out about 4am today. One call indicated everything was excellent in Iraq. The understanding is they think Abadi has to return to Iraq. Maybe he doesn’t have to return. Maybe he is going to stay another day in NY. That meeting was going to finish around 9est time tonight.

Did Abadi take off and head back?  I don’t know. Either he did or didn’t. He is his own man and makes his own decisions. Probably positive for us he doesn’t head right back for our release. Then the possibility he has to head back and make announcement in country.

Bruce:  I believe everything is in the Gazette couple of days ago and visible.  Bank reforms, new laws are all in the Gazette, published and online both.  Iraq is done. Everything is a go from Iraq’s perspective. Everything is very positive. That part is good. They got their sovereignty, part of the World Counsel and were told to revalue their currency to make the rate availability immediately

Bruce:  Early this morning all world currency was alive and on the screens so those in the UN can see their currency there. The CBI is hooked up to the IEX. IEX is to prevent any high frequency trading.  We understand the CBI is connected to the IEX and the minute they put a new rate on it, it will be seen immediately on the system. My understanding was the IEX was to replace Forex.

Bruce:  The final access codes are to be entered.  From a redemption center respective they are completely fully staffed at this time. All ready to go for the internet public and other private groups at this time. They have been ready to go.

Those rates were showing up early this morning so everyone in NY can see them. It is a matter of time when the word “immediately” is recognized and it is time for the 800 number release.

Bruce:  In terms of changes around the world as far as good guys and bad guys. Those needed to be removed or arrested; they have been taken care of.  Positive light to remove any forces that maybe inhibiting this.
Bruce:  We don’t do rates or dates. The rates are very good to our knowledge. They may have gone slightly up. What we know, it is going to be fantastic guys. Don’t worry about rates. What you heard about tiny ZIM rates is just something to throw you off. Don’t pay attention to it. Stay positive, stay firm for a full blessing. That is what we have waited for and fully expect.

ruce:  Pretty much we are looking for a sort of any time now scenario. A back wall date? I hear there was. Could take a couple of days?  Could be. Half the day today we didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t know where we were. That got clearer as the day went on today. I feel better this evening than I did this morning waking up without an 800 number.

I think this has affected everybody. Seen a lot of things come and go. We are all affected by this. Even Bruce is affected. I am feeling very positive tonight where this whole thing is.

Bruce:  Everything went very positively at the UN. Abadi did meet with Obama yesterday and it was a positive thing. The result will be positive for us. That is pretty much the status for us. Iraq told to revalue their currency immediately.  We know they are the kick start for all to go. They have the freedom to release that and let it go. I feel very good with that.

Bruce:   If I get anything else on the call, I will let you know later on in the call. Welcome all on the call. Thank those in the financial business. There was question whether Wells Fargo was the lead bank because things going on. Yes, Wells Fargo is the lead bank and they are working very much with HSBC, AIIB of China, and Abbott Downing. 

Everything is intact. Other banks online as well. IF other banks were not Basel 3 compliant as of yesterday they are just out of the loop until they are Basil 3. They had a deadline to do that by.

Everything we are looking at, the major banks are ready for us. There is plenty of liquidity to fund us at the redemption for us. Major humanitarian funding agencies are fully liquid and about to start their funding this week.  Everything is lined up pretty well.

They might have a slight delay here as far as the toll free number for us. I believe our time is very close.

The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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