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Bruce:  I think we are in a great place and welcome everybody in tonight.  A special welcome to the institutions of banking and finance and any other agency that may be tuned into tonight, and also Big Call country audience.   
Bruce:  Awards made to Yosef as an Intel provider, Sue? I found out today that we thought he had received all the awards. Can you recall them? There was one award he did not win that I won. It was not sure how to take this award. The most politically correct guru. I don’t call myself as a guru (laughing) Politically correct, does that fits me? I don’t know. Kudos out to Yosef for having received the rest of the awards.
Sue: 5 categories. Yosef won: Most informative Intel. Most dates and rates. Most advance Intel. Most passionate Intel provider. Most valuable Intel.

Bruce: Yosef has a heart for people out there to bring as much Intel he can. He deserves the awards. I thought so funny I won the most politically correct (laughing).
Bruce:  WE have heard from number of people out there this is our week. Maybe we are in the moment literally. I don’t take that lightly.

My disclaimer on Tuesday if you remember.  I try to bring an accurate picture to keep you informed as yet grounded in what is being said. There is some true, some not true, but glean from it what is accurate as I can. Anyone that comes in this call is bringing any information from their perspective. WE don’t necessary take everybody Intel as gospel. WE are a collateral call and try to piece together from different sources.

We thought we had it pieced together, but then find out more pieces to piece together.
Bruce: Iraq and timing in the release to this came back to the last laws passed in Iraq, the judicial laws, amnesty law. The final aspect of those laws made it into the Gazette and people arrested that were causing trouble over there in Iraq. It came down to for Iraq to be liberated and currency to become international were accomplished.

Months ago we talked about a 100,000 and 50,000 dinar note that they become a coin. That coin 100,000 was minted in gold, and the 50,000 coin minted in silver.  So it seems these coins have an interesting value than the bills. Why they need a 50,000 coin? The coins themselves will be used by large account holders in Iraq and used between businesses and banks as modes of transference of dinar. Cool to have a 100,000 or 50,000 coin as a paper weight?  A commemorative piece. 

The lower denominations we talked about a long time did come out and issued in the banks for a period of 8.5 weeks throughout Iraq. The last two to three days the lower denominations have been out for circulations. Iraqi people dancing in the streets, celebration throughout Iraq.  Mosul been given back to Iraq. Don’t know it be announcement. That town has been recaptured by the good guys for a little time now.
Bruce:  Iraq is happy. Iraq had a rate on their smart cards over 5 dollars now over 6 dollars. Today, but no evidence of rate changes, but a significant increase for the dinar and the dong the last day or two. I don’t know what they are. Beware that the rates on those if you hold them are going to be really good, better than we thought. I am excited about that.
Bruce:  The cabal. This is a subject I don’t get into very much. We understand the deadline of the 31st come to Jesus as you will from some factions that weren’t necessarily playing ball. We understand many came to the party, but some did not give it up. Some said NO, not agree to that. Maybe some individuals or country agree to the agreement but reneged on it.

I don’t think they were an issue to hold it up, maybe get delayed slightly. But idea anybody who had the opportunity to agree to terms did so, those who did not they are not in a good place. Over a thousand arrests around the world.  They know where these people are, troublemakers if you will to pick them up.

We can take a deep breath to make it to the end of the month to first of September today. WE believe the majority of everything is complete. We think we should be at a point of receiving of notifications we are looking for in a timely matter, anytime now we can receive notification to receive and make our appointments with our various banks.
WF the lead bank looking very closely of HSBC and Abbott Downing. They are ready to work with us on the intake especially the ZIM holders to hook us up with trusts, LLCs, anything we need to do in terms of the exchange process itself. WE going to get perks concerning the banks.

As far as the exchange process itself, when you call to set the appoint give just enough information so they can find out who you are before you get to your appointment. ZIM holders encouraged to set appointments immediately and get in the first 72 hours. WE maybe have opportunity to get private negotiated rates the first 10 days maybe take us to the Sept 12.
There is the Identification process. The next step is what your plans to do with the money are. They will determine if you have humanitarian projects. You go in minute pitch, they understand you are sincere to help others in job creation, humanitarian projects in US and internationally as well. Explain with a little detail in 1 to 3 page plan.

They will verify your currency, count them, and do the math based on the rate you ask for. We will have the ability to ask for privately negotiated rates. You will come up with what you believe you need as far as financial view.

Then you move on the investment side, structure payout, trusts, maybe set up another trust. Then you will have time to come back to reinsert the exact trust or foundation structure, LLC, whatever you plan to do with your family., personally, non profits you plan on doing. Now you should find out that Wells Fargo in conjunction with Abbott Downing will help you structure those in their family office scenario of Abbott Downing.

Also concierge services in the family office. We should see a temporarily debit card to leave with also cashier checks, a few of those. I know you not suppose to exceed 500,000 dollars. ‘They want you under that amount for the cashier checks, payable to yourself or another organization. Then your permanent card will come in a week or so. Get a little cash also, if you chose to some USN notes. 

You be a judge how much cash to go out with. Maybe $10,000, $7,500, $5,000 shrink wrapped, I don’t know. I think it be interesting to go through that process. It should take barely under an hour. If you have quite a bit of currency, trust work you can be there for 3 hours 20 minutes. We will go through Labor Day, won’t miss a beat on that. About 5 percent of those banks open. 95% of the bank closed on Labor Day.

Bruce: Public would go, those not paying attention, later, middle of the month and take us through end of the month. Maybe get most wrapped up by end of September.
Bruce:  ZIM, we know has private negotiated extremely high. I can tell you we are right where we need to be. We didn’t know weeks ago we would go through the first of the month. Maybe that was the plan all along. Redemption centers are ready, high full alert.

Maybe get announcement out of Beijing anytime with sort of a signing of the previous agreement, Paris agreement. Maybe a symbolic signing off of the GCR. I don’t think that term would be used. If you see anything of the climate and news between the President of China and the US that is officially start of everything.

I think it will occur before G20 starts in China on September 4th. Maybe meeting now behind the scenes. IF  you hear or see that type of signing of that agreement good indicator all is set, the whole world gone  to a gold back system, currency being reset.4 tiers of baskets. I don’t know the timing of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th basket, but they are coming.

The completion date on those I don’t think complete in a month, but take a while to go through.  Eradicate some of the problems in certain countries being under value. Now the values come up. I am looking forward to that. Our dollar going to be strong. I don’t think take a hit on the dollar. WE are gold back. Adjustment on the dollar already occurred I feel. Interesting to see what will happen in September with luxury car, home buying.
Bruce: we are exactly where we need to be. I think this to come through in short order. That is all I can say on this. All those who have had faith in this is about to be rewarded. I will let you know if I get anything on the call.

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