Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Bruce:  Welcome everybody for tuning in and being part of our call tonight. All those listening in, banks, financial institutions, etc...

Bruce:  Iraq. We know all the major bills and laws been finalized and entered in the Gazette and the gazette has been published. Maybe a situation that they may not have released that information to us yet. They want to release it when we get notified with the 800 numbers. It is known in Iraq.
They have been actively using their lower denominations, key cards, received back pay back to January. Things are happening in Iraq.  Moving right along. Still some terrorist’s issues they are working on. To some extent we are helping in that and some together with other countries helping in that fight.

Fom an Iraqi perspective, the linchpin has been pulled that everything is ready to pull now. If there is an issue, it is not one we know of.
The international exchange is up and running to all exchanges around the world. Everything is working directly with the new satellites and computers so all can be protected and work as a system as it should. The CIPS system is functioning beautifully.

Bruce:  Really from a system point of view, banking point of view, everything is rolling along beautifully. It is just a matter of when it is our turn to plug into the system

Bruce:  You heard of tiers. There is a new version of the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. We are, those paying attention of private groups, internet group, we are considered  to be Tier 3.
Sovereigns and humanitarian sources have been fully funded now.  Finished up at 10pm last night. Tier 2 redemption of SKRS, they were handed hand to hand to get those released to them to have their accounts liquid. Those occurred slowly hour to two hours for those.

The redemptions took place quickly, 230 to 260 per hour. On an average were running 20 some seconds per transaction. Those wrapped up about 5:15 pm EST.

Bruce:  Tier one and Tier two are complete. Tier 3 is in the queue. We are in line for it. We are just waiting for the go signal. The release of the toll free number, and to go in and exchange.
Some 213 prosperity packages went out two nights ago, and 200 some ZIM holders that were to told to come in after midnight last night to do so. We don’t know if they did but should have occurred. Have all the prosperity packages gone out? No. Those where dealing with humanitarian causes. They went out the same time when the last funding was funded for humanitarian projects.
 The remaining prosperity packages to go within the hour of the notification what we are expecting. Thus an hour of margin. They do not want anyone to receive their prosperity package and double dip essentially and buy more currency with their funds. That is why they will be release within an hour of the notification of the toll free number for us.

Bruce:  Dealers.  There are about 27 dealers of sellers of currency like on EBay, Amazon, and other collectible type dealers selling ZIM and other currency. They have been given a code to use to allow them to come off line and automatically enter that code, and they can come back up with automatically new rates. Those will be done with the codes they will have to enter. They have those codes. So everything is coming together beautifully.
Bruce:   From our perspective where we are anxious ready to go to start our projects, start new lives, we have to expect this is a process.  I am glad it didn’t occur before on 9/11. We don’t want this blessing taint the memory of what happened on 9/11. I am glad this was the case. It was not the time for us to receive our blessing, and not even yesterday. 
Today, on the 13th, there is possibility to come through for us before the end of the day. That may be the case. It is on the way. That is what we believe. That is what we are hearing.

Bruce:  The rates on dinar and dong did go up a little bit. Not have confirmation on that till recently. The ZIM rates also went up higher as well. Everyone in the situation where you have the ability, if you have humanitarian projects and the ability to create jobs or maintain employment in business, factory or create new employment situations that is going to be meaningful as part of your project pitch to your bankers.
You want to speak comfortably and authoritatively what you want to do. Have 2 to 3 page outline, have copies to share with your bank partners. Explain what you wish to do with the money. If your interest is in the privately negotiated rate particularly for the ZIM to make a good case why you want the money and what you plan to do with the money.
It is about the total amount of dollars you will receive and plan to use for the next 15 to 20 years for the programs you want to do. You want to set up your program so you have longevity. Go 50 to 100 years without blinking an eye.
Bruce:  From an Intel perspective, rates going up, time is near, we are excited because we know we are right there to step into our new lives and new role as philanthropists to create jobs, lift all boats in a tide. There are pockets of poverty all over this country. We want to give everybody a shot of a meaningful beautiful life, and do the same thing around the world.
So if you have a particular love for Honduras, or particular area of the world as in India, Africa or any particular place, your humanitarian projects can go beyond the United States to the whole world. We will be able to benefit these people as well.

That is really where we are. We could be in the moment right now. We will see how it goes for the rest of the call.

2nd part of the Intel:
Bruce:  I did get another call. I have a little bit of Intel. What we have right now is we are getting confirmations not only in the United States, but in Europe which is by the way Europe began to exchange yesterday.  I had confirmations of that last night. We know it is on the way.
 I will tell you that what we are hearing now bonds and boxes of bonds have been facilitated and awaiting immediate liquidity. We are finding out the Prosperity packages ready to go out, fines and penalties ready to go out, Farm claims ready to go out.  All funded, all accounts liquid, all ready to go awaiting toll free number release, to go all together.
I am thinking we are in position to receive toll free number any time now.  It could be tonight, tomorrow.  It is that close. We can’t call it that it is here this second, but it is very closing approximate for us to take advantage of this blessing. I am excited where we are at and where we will go in the future.
Thebigcall.net will post the 800 number if allowed; maybe a celebration call of sorts and final posts to put out that it is finish. I am excited to tell you I am anticipating good news very soon, and I know you are anticipating that also.


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