Friday, September 23, 2016

The Big Call Recap from 9-22-16, 23 SEPT

The Big Call Recap from 9-22-16

Bruce  ...remember the G20 meeting couple of weeks ago?  Many signed on, 30 different treaties. The Paris agreement. The climate change, RV and GCR were in that agreement and all signed off on it.

 Iraq...They were told to go ahead and revalue their dinar immediately. They were given full sovereignty; all sanctions lifted, and told to revalue their dinar... bring their dinar as an International currency rate up. 

We also heard after Abadi went home, they did a small press conference yesterday. Iraq is ready to go from all the information we have from their perspective. In the large scheme of things this is a worldwide event.

All these countries will be changed with the first basket. Rates are ready, redemption centers are ready to go, and banks are ready. We are ready to go. Rates are quite good. I think things are still moving along at a good pace. I can see this coming to an end.

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