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Today I bring you yet more good news. Could it get any better? In my last couple news letters I tried to make a point to everyone that the final passing of the HCL thru parliament was inevitable and just a matter of a short time. It MUST get passage in parliament to become law and be done, done, all done as many have said. Until then it is just an approved cabinet bit of legislation with verbal agreements between the Baghdad government and the KRG.

When this final passage in parliament does happen it will be larger than HUGE. It will be amazing and a miracle at last. It will be greater than the Amnesty law we witnessed last week.

I also commented that there are some other contentious laws that have been kicking the can down the road. The Iraqi news has talked about the Accountability and Justice law many times in the recent past, yet we don’t see parliament voting on it or hear much news about it. So what happened with the law?

Oh but now their silence is broken. In today’s news they are telling us what happened with the law and it appears there were some disputes with the law and the UN had to get involved to help settle the disputes and negotiate.   So the dispute was over the participation or non-participation of Baathists in the government.

I quote from the article below – “secret negotiations conducted by the United Nations with the leaders of the main political blocs to end the dispute regarding the accountability and justice law in preparation for submission to parliament for a vote.”

I quote from the article below – “the coalition is determined to not return the Baathists, even those who have not stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis or did not commit inhuman crimes, to the political arena and assume positions in the government”

So Maliki was in control for 8 of these 12 years and of course Maliki always does what he does with his own justifications that he always seems to worm out of trouble. Someone in USA, of course if protecting him.  Seems there is a part of the USA government that does in fact support terrorism when it is convenient. This too has been a problem all along in Iraq.

So in Maliki’s warped reasoning, he used the Baathists party as an excuse to jail many of his political opponents and anyone who would not go along with his plan to bring Iraq back to a yet another dictatorship and a puppet state of Iran.

So the new government of Abadi is now trying a different approach and taking recommendations like made in post WWII in Germany (much like what they will have to do in Iraq) to set boundaries and criteria as to which Baathists they will allow to freely work in the government. The Accountability and Justice law specifies this criteria. This is mainly what this law is all about. But some parties feel in order to have true reconciliation they must lower the standards. Did you notice too how they waited until the Amnesty law was passed to address this law, as they are now doing?

Coincidental? I don’t think it is and shows us once again there is an overall plan being executed with all needed these laws.   

So please read the article below in full. It is a good one as we can see the work being done now to finally get the Accountability and Justice law passed in parliament. It is now on the radar and will not be going around and around in circles as done in the past. This time they will move forward and get it done. I will tell you why this time it is very different.

The train is fast moving down the track. So I hope they can stay on track! We all know what the final destination of this train ride will be and where it will bring us…..hint ..hint….lol….
It has been brought to me attention some of these ignorant so called “intel gurus” are once again claiming all the laws are done. I even heard the terms “done, done, done” used on one of their recent conference calls. Really?

All I can say is this - If all the laws are done they why are we seeing all this recent news about the HCL and now about the Accountability and Justice law and Banking laws. Didn’t we just also hear news of the Amnesty law too. So how could these needed laws be all done as they told us months ago they were? Lol…lol…at least now they are acknowledging that the laws are needed, when a year ago they said they didn’t matter. So which is it? Do they matter or don’t they? We all know the answer as we wait for the RV.

Oh – but they these same so called intel “gurus” tell us they are publishing this news (the propaganda they submit to) to confuse us so we can’t predict when the RV will happen. Really? Do you really believe this rubbish? So why do you pass along this rubbish if you know this?

Folks I have said this many times and I will repeat is again. The CBI has told me they will guide us through the entire RV process as it is a multi-stage process. So far in the two instances when they almost RV’d (and it was postponed due to security and stability reasons) they did just that and inundated us with articles about the process and how it was all going to work. Do you remember these articles back in 2012/early 2013 and then again in the fall of 2015?

So my contact has told me once again they will do the same in preparation for the 2017 RV target and so expect to see once a forthcoming inundation of articles and news about the process as they re-educate the citizens of Iraq (and us) once again.

So when can we expect to see all this re-education happen?

I am being told that if they stay on their timeframe, can handle ISIS up north and get all the needed laws passed, we will see the articles begin to appear sometime in mid to late October 2016 and they will then be moving towards a late 2016/early 2017 target.

All we can do is watch and wait. But from now until this timeframe please relax as the RV has not yet occurred. They haven’t even launched the lower denominations yet and we all should know by now this will be the first step in the multi-step process to get to the final RV.

I asked my Federal Reserve contact also if there were any plans to allow the average USA or European citizens to exchange any currency early (prior to rolling out the IQD to the international currency exchanges) and I was told a big fat NO WAY!. They told me this would be illegal and would never happen.  So I don’t know who is telling you this may happen or has already happened or what their motive for doing so.

I will also tell you this again as I said it already many times in the past. There is a known element of propaganda made to confuse everyone and override news like mine and many other very good reporters and journalist who can bring you the truth without any rumors or hype. So we aware of just who you listen to and just refer back to all the weird statements and inaccurate news they have told you consistently in the past. My recommendation is to drop them from your list and ignore them.

The Truth will set you FREE!

NO Rumors, NO Hype, just the FACTS. If I have my own opinion I will tell you.

Reports: secret negotiations conducted by the United Nations to resolve the Justice and Accountability Act

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press –  August announced a senior political source in the National Alliance that secret negotiations conducted by the United Nations with the leaders of the main political blocs to end the dispute regarding the accountability and justice law in preparation for submission to parliament for a vote.

The source added, in a statement to the newspaper (life) that “the talks under the auspices of the United Nations office in Baghdad to end the dispute in some paragraphs of the Accountability Act, which faces strong opposition from a coalition of state law and the Sadrists and the Virtue Party and the Badr Organization, who consider that the law allows for the figures in the party Baath political participation. ”

The source pointed out that “the National Alliance seeks to ensure that the non-participation of Baathists, but a coalition of Iraqi forces calls for transforming the ablation profile to justice instead of having a partisan institution oversees the work of the ablation may target certain parties to blackmail before each election held in the country.”

The source added that “the coalition is determined to not return the Baathists, even those who have not stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis or did not commit inhuman crimes, to the political arena and assume positions in the government, with powers Union believes that the return offered the greatest opportunity to achieve national reconciliation in the country.”

For his part, the Legal Committee Member of Parliament Salim Shawki told the newspaper that “disagreements exist in the draft law concerning the inclusion of Baathists retirement or their term of government positions,” stressing that “the postponement of the ongoing vote on Justice and Accountability Act is due to hold the National Alliance and the Union of Forces their positions regarding the granting of concessions to Baathists who did not commit a crime or violation against the people. ”

Article ends.

See article below. More news about HCL. Seems agreements have been made but again I will tell you don’t jump the gun. It is not all done or enforceable (problem all along with past agreements) until they pass the HCL law and make it all legal and binding. They are hoping to finally nail this down and complete HCL this time around. You see part of the problem is setting up mechanisms to properly administer the agreements made. They also needed to get the 2017 budget done since it contains the expected barrel output of oil to fulfill the budget that must also be agreed upon by Kurdistan. But they are working on it and we should see HCL in the coming weeks get voted on in parliament.

Erbil and Baghdad reach agreement on Kirkuk oil exports
(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – The Iraqi Oil Minister will soon visit Erbil to meet with his Kurdish counterpart and discuss crude oil exports and revenues.

MP Shakhawan Abdullah said, “The meetings will continue with Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Natural Resources who will be visiting Baghdad for the same purpose.”

“The Kurdish and Iraqi ministers will discuss the technical issues relating to the implementation of a previous Erbil-Baghdad agreement. The KRG and Iraqi government have also reached to an agreement over Kirkuk oil exports through the Kurdish pipelines,” Abdullah revealed.

Deputy Iraqi Oil Minister Fayadh al-Nema, in a previous interview with Reuters, said they were willing to hold talks with Erbil about using KRG’s oil pipelines for exporting Iraqi oil. However, he said upon the failure of the talks, Baghdad may consider selling its crude oil though Iran, for which it may need to cross Sulaymaniyah province in order reach the neighboring country.

Article ends

So now I wanted to do a very quick recap on just what the problems with the HCL law, the one the Baghdad Government of Iraq (GOI) cabinet approved and agreed to implement with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in 2014.  

Why has it not been honored?  

Here is a list of the issues:

·       By who standards has the past HCL not been honored?

·       How will the KRG pay for the fight against ISIS and DAASH? This is said to be an additional financial burden to the KRG beyond the 17% needed to run their government. Who should pay for it – the KRG or the GOI?

·       Since the original HCL did not specifically spell out what the 17% oil sharing revenues would be used for this leaves ambiguity in the current agreement. Since it is still just an agreement and not a formal law, again who is to pay the Pershmerga in the fight against ISIS?

·       Why can’t the KRG sell surplus oil and gas beyond that stated as needed to fulfill the needed revenues in the budget for their fight against ISIS ?
So the KRG decided to sell surplus oil and gas from the Kurkuk region anyhow without an agreement with the GOI.

But wait a second….isn’t the KRG using this money to defend their country of Iraq? Is this not supposed to be one unified country of Iraq? Should this not be the burden of the entire nation in general and share this expense with the KRG?

The answer should be YES- but the GOI looked upon the sale of oil and gas from Kurkirk oil fields as revenue sharing beyond the agreed upon 17%  and thus the GOI reduced the agreed amount to the KRG less than 17% to make up the difference.

When this happens the KRG shuts off the oil and thus revenues stop coming into the Baghdad GOI (who controls the billing and revenue collection for the oil sales). This creates a problem between Erbil and Baghdad.

So it finally got to a point where Baghdad has to sit down again with the KRG and talk and negotiate. If you have been following this HCL saga you should know the problem started again due to the expenditures of the KRG for the Pershmerga army in the war with ISIS.
But I will tell you the heart of the problem is really the fact that the KRG and the GOI are not yet working smoothly as one unified Republic of Iraq and working together for the total benefit of its citizens. This is the real issue.

The other part of the issue is they desperately need a formal hydrogen carbon law (HCL) passed in parliament and not just a draft piece of legislation written by the cabinet of the GOI. This is needed for stakeholder ownership of the issues not just between the cabinet of the GOI and the KRG but by the entire government process including parliament.

Still many say they don’t need a formal HCL since HCL is already constitutionally guaranteed. This is simply not true! 

The constitution only guarantees the rights and defines them while the legislative laws are necessary to implement the constitution guarantees. This is how a democracy works. With a lack of legislation for HCL Iraq will continue to be burdened with problems forever when it comes to administering their oil and gas, which for now is still over 90% of the revenues of Iraq. No one has all the answers as who could have ever predicted Iraq would be attacked by terrorist forces such as the ISIS group.

So now they may have agreed to changes to the draft HCL and will go forward for a while longer until they encounter yet another snag and the oil and gas will be shut off again. Then yet another round of negotiations. More changes to the HCL. The cycle continues. Many proponents say this is the way to further refine the draft HCL over time. But when does it end?

Still others in the GOI, say now is the time to bring the draft HCL to parliament for a final vote and then amend it later as needed for future situations as they are encountered. Will they do it this time around?

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