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Wednesday, September 28, 2016



DavidW:  Hi Frank, I have a question about the meeting between Barzani and Abadi in Baghdad what's the chances of coming out with a positive agreement between whatever the budget dispute stands in the way.   I hope that Barzani isn't just another obstructionist for Maliki as reported I saw a photo op with Barzani and Maliki has me wondering, especially if he's not a legitimate president of Kurdistan.   What's the chances he's throwing another monkey wrench into the process of Monetary Reform hope I'm wrong but couldn't this go on well into next year. I hope that's not the case, especially  some of us are going through hard times. Thanks.  

Jay:  Short version... Barzani HATES Maliki. M was there a few months ago trying to coax/con support to overthrow Abadi. Barzani told that Bozo to pound sand. No worries there.

Frank26:  IMO .......... Barz is happy about many things with A ............. From the Budget to Mosul.
IMO ......... B is coming to A ........... That is telling of many good things.
Maybe if asked to .............. i will expound on this tonight. (Conference Call 7PM est)

Aggiead77:  This is an interesting and very authoritative document that has Abadi turning to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  The mention of the
“Rome Statute” refers to a new statute added to the ICC effective July 1, 2002 and includes jurisdiction over the following crimes…1) Crimes of genocide….2) Crimes against humanity….3) War crimes….4) Crimes of aggression. 

So can you begin to see where Abadi is going…..he’s collected over 9,000 names to be turned over to this court that include political figures and activists….this can include names of ISIS terrorists as well as Iraqi political figures who have been found to support the efforts behind the actions of the terrorists….in ways that can lead to prosecution of any  or all four of the crimes listed above…..the article says that Abadi is in agreement  of going this direction…..but has he yet made such a commitment….

From the sound of things, Abadi and his people need to push the “ready” button on going in this direction to get the ICC to start proceedings against the long list of names that Abadi has…..this is a start IMO….a proactive start by Abadi….in fact a HUGE start to nail some of these bad actors to the wall where they need to stay for quite some time….

Side note of this court…the ICC they are tied to the United Nations for what that is worth…..following is a link to more on the Rome Statute of the ICC…..long….long read….enjoy. Aloha Randy

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