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September 14, 2016

REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.  Please refer to AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

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Frank26: On Monday … what did you think about our conference call?  Did you like it?
It seems like they become more and more powerful due to the evidence and opinions we gather from others. 

I wish that some of you would respond more on our forum.

Last Monday, we brought out many, many points.

want to show you something.

ARTICLE posted by Don961 -- “Minister of Fallujah … return of the displaced persons … thru September … competition and overcome all difficulties.”

These cities … maybe they don’t want you to see all of the people flooding back into Iraq yet – and that’s ok.

We have great analysis of the articles on our forum.  Please join us at joinktfalways@gmail.com

ARTICLE – “America Foreign Minister … ahead of the battle of Mosul”

He is there to discuss what will happen with that city.

The USA (IMF) have made some demands – (the week I was gone).

The meeting in Jordan, the IMF chewed out Iraq … and WS article supports it talking about the “immaturity” … in other words they must finish the economic and monetary reforms.

ARTICLE:  The Finance Committee … support the conditions … for LENDING them money.  It’s not charity – it’s a commitment.

These are like billboards of our Monday’s CC.

The IMF required Iraq to improve the economic and monetary policy.  TA DA!!!

We told you that on Monday … and today you see the articles.

Family it doesn’t get any better than this.

WS put up a beautiful series of articles!

We talked about the cost of a barrel of oil.  Yes, the IMF has a say-so in the production of oil.

Everyone wants Iraq to raise the value of their currency!

Slowly but surely they are showing you the economic & monetary reforms.

Now they say they are not going to print the 100k dinar.  LOL!!!  Why, did you get your butt chewed out?   Humm … in my opinion … they are trying to tell you about the lower denoms.

Sampson (one of our newshounds) posted an article about leaflets that were circulated in Mosul.  The map shows you … step by step to a clock.  We do not have any dates or rates here (at KTFA) … BUT THEY DO!!!!!!!!!

Today another ARTICLE … the IMF … repair the CREDIT RATING for NEXT MONTH!

A lot of the EVIDENCE is out today.

I believe that Don961 posted a link of the pictures of the celebrations for EID … beautiful pictures of Iraqi families enjoying themselves.  (Interesting … in a war torn area???)  LOL

You know very well that our politicians benefited very well with what happened with Kuwait.
Don’t you think our politicians want things to happen BEFORE November – so they can take credit?  IMO

As you know, Iraq got their rear-ends chewed out last week.  Delta translated the info on the Arabic side of the CBI website.  Iraq must do 2 things to get the loans.  The monetary reforms and the economic reform.

Delta called me Sunday night telling me that the “internet” is not seeing the translation on the CBI’s website.  Here’s what he had to say …

DELTA – … “it looks like we might have a window with the IMF and Iraq!!!”

Forgive me for this crass statement … but Delta said they the “IMF was pissed-off!!!”

Iraq no longer has the time to drag their feet.  They must raise their value!

Iraq will explode economically as other countries continue to pour into their country.

I hope that when they come back from this 9 day holiday … I think around the 18th … we will hopefully see more transparency of the monetary reform.

Why haven’t they given you Mosul yet?  Well … you know.

Dr. Shabibi (keyword) – said that Maliki stole everything. 

QUESTION – do you think the US Dollar will collapse? 

ANSWER – the American dollar needs to be adjusted.  We don’t talk about Fiat currency on KTFA.  We all know that the USD is preparing itself to support itself differently.  How’s that?

Yes … IMO … the USD will be weakened.  It could be gradual or happen in an instant.  Do you think the USD needs the IQD … or the other way around?   

The other countries that are waiting for this to happen, are waiting in the long line for this to happen.  We might be going thru a 1930’s experience.  

They always say we’re in a recession … but in fact we are in a deep-depression.  The 3 Musketeers may be a little disappointed because I’ve asked them not to post info about fiat currencies.  They are certainly welcome to post regarding other things. 

When the USD goes thru its hiccup – I pray that you are prepared for it.  I pray that you will stand strong as an American, salute the flag and be proud of it?

QUESTION – are they on track for the RI?

ANSWER – yes.  A dinar will always be a dinar in their country.  Outside of Iraq … that can be a different story.

QUESTION  -- what about the 2017 budget?

ANSWER – I hope it’s not at 1166 – or it will really piss-off a lot of IMF people.

QUESTION – are auctions being done on their electronic platform.

ANSWER – no … still operating at a primitive level.   Iraq’s GOI is working like dogs … thru EID … because they know what’s at stake.

QUESTION – is it true that there is a certain bank called something like the VFI bank that was set-up to exchange our dinars.

ANSWER – no.  Stop it! 

QUESTION – Hawaii by the 1st of the year?

ANSWER – LOL – I don’t know.

QUESTION – banks of Iraq … are they ready?

ANSWER – yes!  They are advanced … but it’s all useless until they raise the value of their currency.

QUESTION – where will be able to exchange our currency?

ANSWER – many ways … exchange centers, etc …. Obviously NOT right now … study it … find the best option in your favor.  Will US banks be able to exchange?  Maybe.  IMO … there were 4 major banks, and IMO, one of those is about ready to welcome you with open arms. 

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