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FrostyTheSnowman:  HIGHLIGHTS - MONDAY - 26 Sept. 2016

September 26, 2016

REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.
Please refer to AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26:As you know, Abadi left Washington a little early – and that to us was “significant” as a team.

When Abadi returned to Iraq, the first thing he dealt with was with an “intruder.”

badi is trying to take his country into the International world.  Maliki didn’t – that’s why he threatened Abadi and Dr. Shabibi.

I know, I know and I know … why don’t we arrest Maliki?

My friends … you just can’t do those kind of things.

Do you think that we didn’t know where Bin Laden was?  (Bin Laden was a magnet).

Thugs implement fear into their citizens to control them – and that’s why Maliki acts-out … to keep them in fear.

IMO – it is not so simple just to arrest Maliki.  You understand that M is an Iranian, right?

You understand that Iraq is having problems with Iran.  Right?  You know that Iran could blow things up, right?  If you want delays … arrest Maliki right now.

So, what about Zebari?  The Kurds took care of him.

As soon as Abadi saw that it was ok to leave DC and NY … he booked it for home.

Abadi has a group call the “Crisis Cell” … consists of about 7-8 of his closest associates that discuss certain issues in private.  They met concerning Maliki. 

Maliki does not know how to lead, to love … only to hate.

The religious authorities praised Abadi for doing a wonderful job.

Corruption has even been discovered recently with Iraq’s “Holy Men.”

The UN applauded Abadi … he met with many nations … promised him many things. 

Why?  When Iraq is a war torn country operating at a program rate?

The reason why Abadi returned home so quickly is because the cockroaches within the GOI.  (Maliki & his son)

We are no longer to talk to you about terrorism, but corruption … and the need for security measure that will take care of corruption.

Articles surfaced this week … that said basically what we talked about word-for-word last week.

ARTICLE:  UNAMI (a division of the UN) is helping Iraq (secretly Mosul) with restoration/humanitarian projects. 

Why did the UN come to Iraq?  Because they are dealing with corruption, not terrorism.

The UN already sent their forces to deal with terrorism.

This UN delegation is being sent to help IRAQ with corruption --- (part of a deal) … which is to lift the value of your currency … and you’ll get loans.  Ok

These are the stipulations to get the loans. 

The UN is dealing with the roots of corruption in Iraq right now.

Unfortunately, the USA and Abadi can’t target certain people … but the UN can.

Abadi is not “targeting” Maliki.

The UN and the US Treasury are MONITORING THE CBI AUCTIONS!!!   Ta-Da-Freakin’-Da!!! 

Remember the 2 x 2 x 2 +1?  Do you remember when I told you that once they give you Fallujah … that you would see the economic reforms?  Yes … and now you see how various countries are pouring into Iraq to help them.

May I remind you that after you see Mosul, you’ll see the financial reforms explode?   I believe the Fat Lady has lost a lot of weight.  I believe that Mosul is right in front of your eyes.

When you look at the articles that tell you that LIBERATION is coming … especially in the last 2 days!  Has there not been an EXPLOSION of the monetary reforms?  Yes!

Dr. Amad Shalibi (former head of the finance committee) put out many ideas in lifting the zeros and raising the value of the currency.  The same idea that Dr. Shabibi had back in 2014, Dr. Shabibi made the suggestion to drop the 3 zeros and raise the value of the currency.  But … Obama made a campaign promise to bring the US troops back home … and then little by little … and then they had to return … (without our media informing us of the sheer numbers of how many troops were there).

SEE POST 121 (yesterday’s thread):  ARTICLE:  “We will raise the value of the Iraqi dinar … dealing with the corruption within the auctions.” 

I believe NOW they want to talk to you about the monetary reform of the IQD.

ARTICLE:  The CBI says “let’s celebrate!” – so they released a 100 commemorative coin.  Interesting.

Will this entice the citizens to open a bank account?  Maybe … but this is significant because it’s a 2nd example of the monetary reform.

A 3rd example of them dealing with the monetary reform is the finance committee is talking about doing a “float.”  (That was the original plan that they gave back in December 2015). 
Amazing … all of this talk of the monetary reform happened within 48 hours of Abadi returning home.

They said that their budget was a disappointment.   Interesting.  Very interesting.

I believe that Mosul is coming to a close now.

By the way – the coins will ONLY BE SOLD INSIDE OF IRAQ.  My broker will not have access to them.  We are not Iraqi citizens.  Please don’t do the “calculations” of the coins.  It’s just a “commemorative” coin.

The 2017 budget is not being delayed … it is being amended due to the increase of a barrel of oil. 

Yes, Maliki tried to cause problems/delays with the budget – but they’re quickly put out.

Is it important to get rid of Zebari?  That depends of what side of the border you’re from.

Dealing with Zebari won’t stop the monetary reforms. 

You can’t stop the avalanche of the monetary reform … a lava flow … nothing will stop a lava flow. 

Remember, Abadi agreed with the IMF and the World Bank to hold-off of Zebari for at least 3 months.  Do you think they held off of Zebari?  That’s why Abadi came back.  Let’s see what happens with Zebari, overall.  Do you know that Zebari is a Kurd?

The President of Parliament, (Jubari) went to parliament to deal with the Zebari issue.  He tell parliament that we need to question Zebari.  Despite the USA’s wishes, parliament went against the decision to not open any more files on corruption.  So what did parliament vote on?  80% of parliament wants Zebari out … and 80% of those 80% are all KURDS!

What???  Shut the front-door!!!!  Say what???? 

Their own people want him (Zebari) out????  The US and the IMF wants to keep Zebari … but the leaders of the GOI are working to get rid of him.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  Any recuperations for getting rid of Zebari?  I hope not.  Did you know that Zebari (who is a Kurd) is the uncle of the President of Kurdistan (Barzanni).   LOL!  Oh how tangled.

Kurds … what if we gave you a minister of finance … who is also a Kurd?  WOW!  And they also get Mosul and 17% of the budget.    Perhaps he’ll be replaced with a Technocrat.  Let’s see how this works out.  

The World Bank told Abadi in NY that they will support him and the REFORMS <<< (plural).  They are going to give Iraq more.   Yes, I’ve got that feeling … and so does the World Bank, the IMF and the UST.  I don’t believe that the Zebari issue will affect the monetary reform.  Guess we’ll see what happens.

ARTICLE:  Abadi calls to view the list of candidates for the vacant ministers for parliament … ASAP!  (As soon as you returned back home?) … Good for you!

Article after article continues to show that the Iraqi forces have captured cities, area, providences.  Let’s see, maybe the Green Zone will start to disappear.  What if the Green Zone doesn’t need to be a Green Zone anymore?  That would say a lot wouldn’t it.

ARTICLE:  TODAY, Iraq was eliminated from terrorism.  That’s why the monetary reform is being talked about left and right.   BINGO!

Maliki (and his thugs) are always saying … “show me the evidence of corruption that I’ve done” --- and they don’t bring it forth.  Why?  I told you, he’s a magnet for intel. 

Abadi … didn’t you say just before EID, that the citizens would have “prosperity” … and Barzani told the Kurds the same thing?  (Yes)  Can we check off Mosul now?  Because we need 3 ministers.  The article says Abadi working on it ASAP … and that includes a new governor of the CBI.

So in 2 days … how much weight did the Fat Lady lose? 

We are seeing beautiful quotes from the GOI … “account for fundamental issues” … are you kidding me, they’re talking about the EXCHANGE RATE!  TA-DA!

ARTICLE – “The CBI works with banks for policy … FLOATATION PROGRAMS!”

So look for the budget to go to parliament before the 10th of next month … and let’s see if they are willing to become ARTICLE 8 compliant.

TW – the Dinar will go into the SDR basket. 

Maybe Iraq is waiting the Chinese Yuan to go in effect on October 1st  – (this Saturday). 

Maybe China already went in prior to Oct. 1st.   -- also ahead of schedule.  May I strongly suggest for your to study this!  You owe me cookies … I told you “maybe”.

 MR, MR, MR (Monetary Reform) is the talk all over the place.

The World Bank does not deal with politics.  They deal with money.  They told Iraq to delete the 3 zeros from their exchange rate.

Abadi discussed the Budget with his Crisis Cell group – and they are accomplishing many, many things.

IMO – I believe he’s also talked with them about the EXCHANGE RATE, and the 2017 Budget.

I believe that the economic reforms are in full swing – despite the corruption.

Let us stay in constant prayer.

Let us keep our faith in our Heavenly Father – and nothing else.

Watch what the two candidates say tonight.

Yes, I told you nice years ago that … “in THE END … of our investment study … that she will be there.”  

I know I have been vague … but someday on a lonely beach … you can ask me a question … and I’ll be able to answer.
*** Family, please listen to the last 10 minutes of tonight CC *** in my opinion, you need to hear Frank voice and his concerns for our country – in his own words. ***

When the Holy Spirit tells you to talk about God … do you?

I will pray for our candidates.

CC ended in prayer

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