Thursday, September 22, 2016


Fisher : key issues and decisions were made overnight, all very important and sensitive, which is why there will be no intel from me

You should all know by now that Landa/Humanus got their funding, as did other similar organizations, and there was a Magistrate from the World Court in Reno to verify the transfers

Greenwise : Fisher: If you can answer..did the CEO of WF got replaced?

Fisher : he will be replaced soon enough, but he has been "fired"

if you believe anything for the next few days, believe that everything has been scripted for public consumption

Anyone seen anything in the news about the power outage on Puerto Rico?

Lilli :  yes PR 1.5 mill out of power

sunshine : Fisher, Interesting that that is where our IRS is located.

Fi Fi Yoda : Fisher is it a changeover too free energy ? PR without energy ?

Fisher :  no.  although it would be nice if they did toll-out some of the free energy technology now instead of making everyone suffer

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