Friday, September 2, 2016


Real Truth Chat:

AWAKEN : (Fisher:))  Wondering why you are still waiting on the 800 #'s?

The process was started last evening, before the Big Call even started.

There were steps and procedures that required certain people to do certain things in a precise format. The very last of these steps was for the Admiral to enter his personal code into the system, which was done at around 1AM EDT.

Unbeknownst to some, this started an internal set of security and protocol checks within the computer system.

At some point during this series of internal checks, an "anomaly" occurred which prevented the process from continuing (it could have been that the Admirals code was input later than expected or anticipated).

The "Western" market opening time is 3AM EDT, which has always been a time that is monitored externally and internally and when it looks like a continuation of the process will interfere with or possibly disrupt the markets, the computer will stop unless given an over-ride command.

No over-ride was given, the process stopped at that point and we wait for after the markets close for it to continue

Once the Admiral input his personal code the "point of no return" was reached.

We simply sit back now and patiently watch the clock for it to continue the rollout. There is no reason for anger, fear or frustration, all is well.

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