Monday, September 19, 2016


Fisher : Intel derived from all sources says first basket currency holders can expect redemption center appointment toll free numbers release between7-8pm EDT tonight.

Private exchanges will then commence and run for exactly 1 week and conclude on Sunday night 9.25.

This would give off redemption locations exactly 6.2 days and leave a week for follow up attainments and redemptions stragglers before October starts. Also this redemption schedule would clear the way for CNY/RMB/SDRs to start fresh on algorithmic platforms starting Saturday Oct 1.

Iraqi President Abadi is at the UN today and either speaking at 10:55am EDT or 1:15pm EDT. He will make several required public announcements per IMF, The Hague and UN compliance demands about his nation's status and new sovereignty.

Iraq will also be announced as the final nation to receive the UN sovereignty designation and become its 209th good standing nation--with the honor of being the last. sovereign nation which allows all other sovereign nations to immediately implement the Paris Agreement--which will ultimately allow all sovereign nations absolute access to new global gold standard financial system --allowing several nations to immediately revalue their national currency--in monetary harmony with the new gold spot value now being set via the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and not London.

The RV therefore is now ready to begin freely without concern of being halted post release as finally all sovereign nations worldwide have agreed through signed treaty to reset the world's financial system and abide by set compliance rules within the Paris Agreement.
Two other things of interest

All banks are passing their derivatives BACK to Doosh bank, they will be going down with them in their possession

The NY bombings were a cover for assassination attempts on Abadi, who is alive and well

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