Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Fisher : In the wee hours of this morning, the Zimbabwe governments debt was all forgiven making all the sovereign bonds, THE ZIM, toxic to any planned economic growth unless "pulled" somehow from the system

Angeljourney: I understand the Zim is a bond and debt forgiven.thank u in explaining.

Fisher : Now that all governmental debt has been written off, the outstanding sovereign bonds in your possession, the Zim, become more valuable and are a claim against the government and lands of Zimbabwe

awtviking : So we own a piece of the rock...... :)

Fisher : If they are NOT pulled from the hands of the holders, they could impede the economic progress of the country

Marty : Does that mean WF will do business with us today is f we walk in and tell them this?

Fisher : it means that someone has a plan, and the timing is down to the minute for this thing to pop

Fisher : Since China/the Elders, have underwritten the future growth of the African Continent, they will want the Zim notes out of circulation as quickly as possible

Fisher : No banks are selling Zim, they are all being sold by private parties, like on E-Bay, those sales may very well stop soon….It would not be a surprise to see the negotiated rate for the Zim go even higher

kermit53 :Fisher.... will Zim redemptions happen before RV or all at the same time?

Fisher : same time.  Did you forget that Iraq revaled last week, officially?

Airbender : are we looking for notifications soon.

Fisher :maybe tonight or early morning, there are whispers in the dark

Ethericblue : And the Admiral Finally got paid right?

Fisher : and landa, and zap and others

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