Sunday, September 11, 2016


Fisher : there is no cabal anymore, quit listening to the nonsense

Do you not all understand that contract law is and has been everything for years and years?
All countries were foisted on their own petards, so to speak

That is the end for now, we wait and see how long they are willing to dally and dance

Canes2017:  The silence has been shattered. The International Court in the Hague issued an order that overrides O. Redemption codes were entered this morning and exchanges begin today. There can be no more delays. …. Most people have heard this so many times that they are numb ... but today is the day and it cannot be stopped
Fisher: The Hague received a similar writ weeks ago, before the accords agreements were signed, and did nothing at that time

Let me be blunt, everyone is at an OH CRAp moment tight now

Sanctions are very tough in this one

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