Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Chosen" RV Update, 26 SEPT

"Chosen" RV Update    12:00:00 EDT    Sunday   September 25, 2016 (7)
"Win with humility, lose with grace and do both with dignity."
Good Morning Currency Community,
Ok, where we be at?

Well, final new financial system "ping" signals were sent and received last evening
Saturdayfrom Asia, and returned and received worldwide well into the early morning
This means all banks, monetary governance institutions, legal entities and
sovereign governments are now current and on the same page, standing on equal
audited footing and common gold value system, locked and loaded as one force of
truth and goodness that will flow out humanitys mercy from the same exact starting
line… not too shabby, right.  

id you know there's a new Federal Reserve Bank in Reno? 

Well, there's is.

However, it's been reformed so not to worry about cabal or corruption.  It's clean,
and why you'll still be seeing it on your currency bills--at least for a few years

They sent in the Republic's final ping at 2:40am EDT.  Ironically, the
entire United States Government, every department has been reformed in a similar,
absolute but quite fashion.  Crazy I know, but true.

We're told all such pings were completed around 3:30am EDT, and not only is the new
financial system "humming hot" now that Tier 1 and Tier 2 transactions have been
completed, including the hand helds, but tranches larger than 100T have been zipping
through the system in less than minute on average.  Yikers, that's a lot money,

This means Tier 3 transactions (currencies) can begin in earnest and without
reversal.  Good thing, September ends… which reminds me of a song…

Super duper, right!   So we're next in line?  Yes, but we've heard that so many times it makes one wonder where the line starts and ends, and are we really in the right line to redeem.  

In that spirit, let's roll out the "redemption red carpet" one more time because
this is really, really, really it… and here's why… 9 represents completion in
numerology, and 10 (or 1) represents a new start…  this is why the international
fiscal year ends in September and begins anew in October. 

So to must the GCR/RV schedule, as this is a global event that demands a universe completion and beginning time across 209 sovereign nations per the Paris Agreement.

Now there are technically 5 days left in September, however we're told the banks are
asking for 6.2 days to redeem… hmmmm… the math doesn't work.  however, the first two
days of October fall on the weekend (October 1=Saturday, October 2, Sunday), so the
actual start of the new fiscal year is October 3= Monday). 

And since Mercury went direct on September 22, and leaves its post shadow phase today September 25… we're now in an optimal release window.

Yet keep in mind that the international banking week starts at 6pm EDT on Sunday,
because that's 10am on Monday in New Zealand, thus if they wanted a full week to
redeem all the fiat currencies (Tier 3, and leave themselves 20 hours for
reconciliation paperwork) that would mean tonight around 6pm would be an optimal
time to start the public roll out of the RV via 800#s.  

Whoa… slow down Tiger.  Way too much information.  Well, let's go back to basics
then… where's my RV?  And better yet, how much freaking moooo-laaaaaaah am I gonna
rake in?  And when do I get these damn 800# digits to make my appointment!!??

The correct answer is the RV is here, now, ready… like a party where all the staff
and entertainment is waiting for the guests. 

Your moooo-laaaaaah is settled in a quantum computing satellite somewhere over the Western Hemisphere, connected to the CIPS system and can execute your ledger to ledger transaction in less than a minute.
As for how much… well, we're hearing consist reports of two, three and four digit
rates on the ZIM with a varying degree of structured payouts.  Here's a good link to
consider re: ZIM rates:


From what we are told by Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo bankers rate really just
depends on individual wealth management skill thresholds and belief levels of both
in the volume of worldwide money supply and personal worthiness. 

Meaning, this is kinda historic stuff guys and gals--blank check time, a Tabula Rasa meets Ad Infinitum moment.  Look, take your pick of superlatives… we are dealing with
unthinkable abundance in real time here, so good luck rationalizing that!

Best advice… just let go and go with the flow.  There's no logical explanation that
can harness what's really going down.  It truly is a transition that includes a
brief and simple transaction.  It just happens to be for an infinite amount of
money.  Sobeit.  What's for breakfast?

In terms of the 800# digits rolling out to make appointments, we're being told
anytime after the UN Security Council Meeting ends on Aleppo, Syria in NYC until
sometime before the markets open Monday in China which is 9am CST or 9pm EDT Sunday.
 Here's a good link to get a sense of things geopolitical:


Syria?  Really?  Still?  Yes.  Because Syria, along with Mosul and the Ukraine, is
where they've corned the hard core elements of the military cabal (i.e. the ultimate
evil of planet earth).  These are the scum bags who were privately embedded in
existing radicalized Muslim fighting forces (caliphate) that only know death as a
means of negotiation or conflict resolution.  And their collective horror must be
eliminated before the infinite blessing party is allowed to start (GCR/RV).  

Russia and China have cleverly played good cop, bad cop over the last year since
Russia entered the military theater in the Middle East.  Together, they have have
diplomatically, militarily and financially reduced all bad actor nations and
individuals into one of three collection pockets of hell.  And today they've gone in
for the kill through legal measures via United Nations Security counsel, of which
both are permanent members with veto power.  

They tried negations over the last year, but they all failed to completely resolve
the problems, including the latest cease fire treaty which was broken by bad actor
factions within the Pentagon; thus legally with a majority of the UN Security
Council, they can begin inflicting the necessary and consistent level of force to
permanently eliminate humanity's greatest enemy.  Ironically, this link just
appeared as this update was being written: http://tass.com/politics/902127

And the once invincible US Military has no choice to stand down because without the
new financial system hydration, they have no more monetary resource to continue.
This is also the case with NATO and EU forces, not to mention all the dark cabal
families and their government puppets across Europe, as either all move forward in
peace or none shall get access to this Chinese Sovereign gold backed financial
system--as decreed and legalized by international treaty, per the 209 sovereign
nations inked on the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Whew!  Hard to follow I know, but this is your world.  So wake up and pay attention!

ow as for the status of the Paris Agreement, they have 60 countries currently
ratified and in the barn (they only needed 55), but they need Russia to ratify to
put the treaty into force. 

Russia has a 7.53% carbon emission rating, and the UN needs another 7.5% to cross the implementation finish line.  Think Russia knows that?  Think China knows that?  Think every country in the free world knows that?  

Here's a link to keep constantly track if you're so inclined:

The beauty of all of this master planning, in every corner of the globe, effecting
every life form on the earth, is that these changes are 100% invisible to the naked
eye.  Seriously, who could ever imagine such massive changes happening in our
lifetimes, let alone see it all play out, and know how each piece fits together in a
perfect puzzle of benevolence…

It's just overwhelming to think we are loved this much to be rescued form irreversible catastrophe… oh, wait… that's right, it happened once before so they changed every day on the calendar to an A.D. designation versus the existing B.C..  

What if the death of Christ was the actual moment when all this GCR/RV stuff
started?  How cool would that be!?  Hey, if nothing else, you'll have a few
quadrillion dollars to consider the raw possibility that Yesuha's presence on
earth--as God the Creator Father--was indeed fact versus fiction, just like this
once impossible "RV story" has now manifested into tangible form. 

And perhaps, all reading this are indeed members of the 144,000 signed, sealed and delivered by God the Creator Father from the 12 Tribes of Israel.

It's fun to think about anyway.  Look, enjoy your exchange.  And if you want a last
minute refresher course, here's a good link to review before heading into your
appointment (great job PinkRoses and Patrick…

'cause honestly folks, there's just no more struggle… it's over… and we've all been
chosen to do this… and do it now… there is no other explanation.  

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love).
God is with us.

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