Wednesday, September 28, 2016


he 170 hours ends sometime tomorrow.  What it transpire is not known by me. 

For see this is on a timer (It has a day and specific time agreed on by all countries).

The rates are admirable and high and the banks are all ready. Please remember all things covered by me in the past.

Know that the US is in the original basket and it also is revaluation.

Vietnam, Russia, China, Iraq, 
Iran, Brazil, Mejico (Mexico for you), South Korea, to name a few are in that original basket of twenty. The big five seem to have failed or about to go under so walking on its floors would be like taking a bad step on a rotten floor for it might give way by your weight so be careful when walking. 

Remember the plan and if you do then you will know what to do and where to go.

C  osta Rica, Nevis and Saint Kitts, Barbados, Bermuda and the Bahamas are so warm in the winter, see if you can visit them some time soon.

Please don't tell the left hand what the right is doing for your own security, there will be a lot of predators of all kinds out there so silence is of the essence.

Create your new emails, make changes to your current account numbers  (including your credit or debit cards) and shortly after the exchange do it again.

Please relocate and start anew.

Make all future help or projects anonymous for you will never know who would be hunting  for people with money (the security and we'll being of you and your family is priority number one always).

Just remember you are not a movie star, see those individuals don't have a life, so think about it.

Later on I will repeat my simple instructions on how to give and do God's work l, without putting your primary money never in jeopardy.

Your geopolitical spectrum seems to be the subject to any or all delays just like I said before. But that will also pass since the timer is about to expire and all GCR related happenings will become the world's new reality. REBIRTH  IS FINALLY A HAPPENING IN JEHOVÁ'S name. It is His time folks and there is no its or buts about it, no dark forces, no powerful governments, no powerful financial entity for they have finally met there match.

Once I get the official number I will be sharing with all. Good day and God bless all.

Happy Journeys,
Na'maste. Bluwolf  
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