Wednesday, August 3, 2016



Skylar11:  GM, I just lurk around mostly, but I am just wondering has anyone seen Jester's post where he advises of course, the group exchanges have started and that he knows for sure that there will be no public exchanges definitely, just groups will go. Someone by the name of DS is advising the same thing??


Auroraop:  Sky. They consider us a "group "

GmanCometh:  Please correct me if I am misinterpreting him, but is Jester really saying that you must be a part of group to exchange?!? What about the rest of us holding Dinar? Who does that make sense too? Can someone clarify this?

StillOK Rocks:  Logically if a currency is internationally tradeable anyone can do that... anyone

Mangelo:  has everything fallen apart on the public side yet....bonds, banks etc..... on the private side are we ready to go yet?


Saintly:  Bill isnt the only one thinking tomorrow.......many people have contacts in here.....and many believe tomorrow is a strong possibility......

1camman1:  It's all good. We've never been in this place before with so much occurring worldwide politically and economically. It's screaming GCR...
Saintly:  I dont say much about the rv......however.......the people i know and trust are saying the same things (Rocker) have been saying.....about the bonds and all......tomorrow night keeps coming up

GEG-Dinar:  Saintly, we love to hear your intel, and hopefully you are right and this is over by tomorrow night.

Saintly:  GEG.....Bill is hearing from some very good and informed people......If his window happens to be wrong....it wont be his fault....

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