Tuesday, August 9, 2016


DPChamp:  ~~Wingit Call Notes 8/9/16~~
Wingit Call 8/9/16

(I was at doctor w hubby and typing on iPad...missed some, but hopefully better than nothing...in case no one else got them...)

Gerry: Everyone is required to have an avatar...some members have been deleted for not having an avatar

Please post in the forum...your comments, thanks for what has been provided for you

Art: we hear daily things are ready...heard, even from 3-letter agency, and contact in Reno, we will get 800#'s today, up to midnight.  DB reported he thinks will happen in wee hours of the night


iko: It could go tonight..could go in next 10 minutes...

G: Not all about Iraq.  When they do, it will be asset-backed.  There are people with great contacts...it is a moving target.
G read a statement...

I: You have to learn about the business.  When you get in the exchange meeting you will know what is true and what was BS.  You will know what to negotiate for.  We are all information minirs


G: Did not see video about Sharon.

I: Our business was top of team...we were involved w Enron and Lehman Bros...took us 6 mos to admit we were not fine.  We had to admit we really went bankrupt.  The PTB, bond mkt, etc are finally getting it.  tgese are the densest predictions of 800#s I have heard

G: MC's have $3.71 on them...Olympians have cards. Could go to October...but I hope not

Q: Do you use a straw to drink Blue Moon?

G: yes


Q:  can you explain about the higher rates?

G: can I pass on that one?

I: I'm not so sure they want US to get knees busted...want level playing field.  Don't invade other countries...it's always abt money
G: Zimbabwe and China will be able to flex muscle

Q: Hard to understand what is going on...appreciate your opening this call...the calls are all saying the same thing...the carrot is gone.  I believed this was real when I first heard it.  I now know about deception...I have a heart who wants to help...I see chemtrails.   I know we are closer

I: i am treating like a new business venture.  Been planned a long time...things have come up...Iraq...internet...Vatican...Bank of England. I've been in this 3 years...hearing we are in last step.  Look at this as academic...see world class activities.  Ships now being paid with yuan.  Building case for GCR. bond mkt now 70% down the tubes...if banks go, mkts go.
Q: Re XE app, on Sat the rates were there and then 0's
I: We don't know the rules or the game. We don't know the power struggle or power shift

I: Rates are going to be great and we will be happy.

G: Stop, drop, and roll

Pastor: Invocation 
Tuesday WingIt CC Replay 8-9-16 with Gerry Maguire, Art and Iko Ward


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