Monday, August 29, 2016


MountainMole: This is our week, the one we've been waiting for so long. Just think one of these nights we will lay our head down on our pillow to sleep and when the morning dawns we will rise to the day one our exchange. We lay down somewhat limited but wake to be released in such unbelievable way. Too good to be true but this is true

Lilypad: we are seeing more and more articles coming out of Iraq stating in the past tense that Mosul is liberated. We are waiting for the official announcement by Abadi which will kick off the financial reforms into warp speed. Abdi projected to send the 2017 budget to Parliament on Sept. 10th.via article in print. Announcement of liberation of Mosul kickoff and coordinated with everyone in place and ready for financial reforms.

Fireball92:  GM ALL. I agree. w/ the laws and Mosul jabber It seems all is looking good that the budget open on 9/9.. Now, will they pull the trigger immediately or wait for the Fiscal year...

Yada: Fireball I would like to think they will at least pull it for private groups.

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