Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Ecubucs:  Continue to live an "Expectant" Life folks!!! We are Still So Very Close to this! I've been here for over 6 years now and I KNOW we are in the moment...

Glajef:  I have always believed that as soon as Iraq is secure, we go. It sounds like Mosul is very close. if Iraq's second biggest city is not secure, how can they possibly revalue their currency with the banks there at risk?

Ecubucs:  Total agreement Glajef!!!

Denton:  i wonder why they do not go ahead and take mosul????????

Glajef:  Probably trying to sort out a way to minimize collateral damage

Ecubucs:  TIMING for Everything to do what's got to be done around the world before announcing it's been liberated IMO...

Rose777:  Called SunTrust ,Customer Service # to get wire transfer info for UK. She said I would need "Swift" code (which we have been hearing about on calls) Then I asked her if she had heard of a major upcoming currency exchange and she answered with an immediate Yes. Without hesitation and that they would be participating. She said she had just read about it in a bank notice. I was excited and thought I'd share..

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