Monday, August 8, 2016


TNT Late Sunday Night:

Elmerf123456:  Everyone disregard all the disinformation being put out. It's being done so for a reason. Stay strong and don't buy into the BS out there. Your here and that's good enough. Don't cave! Got it?

It's all good people. Mental up! You've been trained and this isn't our first rodeo. At the end...you win and the bad guys and naysayers don't. Period.

LadyB22:  elmerf, will it be quiet like this from now until ..... ?

Elmerf123456:  Lady it's only quiet on deaf ears.

Elmerf123456:  The more energy spent by others in the disinformation should really say something to you! Why would those do that? To what point? Ask yourself those questions. Is it for your benefit or to make them feel better about themselves? Ponder those questions.

LocoFelipe:  folks, I can't stay long tonight, but I just wanted to drop in and encourage all of you to stay strong. we are there. it's like rain..... you can smell it in the air. then the wind starts blowing..... and you can see the cloud build up... well, this is just like that.

Locofelipe:  ....and mr elmer is correct. there is an agenda. it is up to us to find out why all the misinformation is being spewed out

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