Sunday, August 7, 2016


Yada:  I do believe many have lost the truer meaning of what Ray, and a few others, have conveyed in the fact that THIS IS DONE, and the release to us is taking place now,,,, Yes,,it is done it is built,,,,,that is the problem with many out there, they are doing busy stuff and not necessary,,, reading articles on government activities, watching markets go up and down,,,people in positions come and go,,all that has nothing to do with the RV,,,

Markster:  Yada: 1 blueprints… 2 materials …3 builders …4 O S H A …5 workers… 6 building …7 inspector …8 finish …9 paint …10 furniseh… 11 set price …12 MOVE IN 13… DONE YADA… Right?

Yada:  Done is the meal is prepared and hot and we are being seated to say grace and eat,,that is done

WhiteTiger:  GM everyone I don't if this means anything or not. My wife called about the WF parking lot (in my home town) is full of cars and someone standing outside the door… WF is not normally open on Sunday

Luvwolfs:  Any activity at a bank on a Sunday makes one say hmmmmm:)

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