Saturday, August 27, 2016


ChampagneLife:  I read somewhere that late night Saturday night is the perfect time for this to go

Luvwolfs: Champagne I always thought it was. Seeing as Iraq's Sunday is like our Monday
ChampagneLife:  all banks and markets are closed during that time also

Dinara:  The reason Saturday nights are so good is because all of the worlds banking systems are down for a short time and would be easy to slip in the new rates is my opinion.

I always remember the man that did an interview about 6 years ago about how one Saturday night you will go to sleep and wake up to a whole new world or something to that affect……

I wish I could remember who gave that interview but he was a high official of some sort.

HighHopes:  Dinara...here is that video you wanted:

Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning to all new exchange rates!!!


Kozmo:  do you know when the video was made???

HighHopes:  kozmo...looks like July of 2012: Im listening to link again...its a couple years old but heck ...with all the delays we have seen in the RV....I still think this info is very relevant, and its exciting to see it on MSM.........really makes it feel real..... Like this older Bloomberg video...with the delays we had had......the Saturday Night scenario may still be true....just later then they had expected!!!

Dinara:  highhopes....There was another one also and the official spoke with an accent. He stated the same thing though about Saturday night

HighHopes:  Dinara..here is also Jim Cramer of Mad Money Talks About Iraqi Dinar

Lifetalker:  Four weeks ago I was flying on an international flight and was sitting next to a vet who had servered a couple of tours in Iraq. I couldn't help but ask if he had any Dinar... His answer was YES! I asked him how much... Ready for this? He told me that he had 22 million.

BeachCindy:  good for him! if anybody ever deserved to benefit to the utmost from the RV its all our American heroes

Dr M J Randy :  Still being told September 1st. Sure sounds good and it has been a l o n g wait.

Yada : yes,,all things considered,,we are in the best spot in the waiting saga,,with a consensus from different sites, along with Ray and his Contacts,,great expectation for now thru the 1st and the public a week or so after us,

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