Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Adept1:  My personal opinion is that many exchange locations will be at existing branches, and some others will be at separate locations -- especially for high-value exchanges, I believe.

Skyshark1325:  It was said a long time ago that the "off-site" locations will be "other" banks facilities like mortgage branches, investment branches and so forth. Not some dark warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Yada:  Skyshark your correct,,consider also some tier 2 & 3 branches who use Wells to process their exchanges may be used also,,,fear not folks,,

Ecubucs:  Also, consider the possible use of Wells Fargo Adviser locations in metro areas around you.

AzHombre:  About a month after the idea came out of off-site (not in a local WF branch), might Esposito and I were traveling across town to attend a funeral. When we passed a military instalation I realized a place that would be ideal for exchanges. Remember hearing how safe in and around the exchange center it would be? Just my thoughts.

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