Friday, August 19, 2016


Yada:  We are still in a position that if his bank people contact he will notify us. We are still in a very good position and only u can maintain your expectation. Be encouraged.

Mangelo:  well I hope something happens by 6pm today..... if not I will see everyone on Monday! I am going to enjoy my weekend...just like I did last weekend!


phantom1 :  (Late Thursday Night) I am so excited guys I have a friend who has given me some information and I've known this guy for a long time he's a Godly Man and he is doing me some information that he is going to exchange soon……Oh yes it's on Zimbabwe as well

Unfortunately he is going to be doing in Nda so I imagine it won't be much there after….if i here more later i will bring it

It's so encouraging to know someone on a personal level and the fact that he will be exchanging and on the zim is very encouraging for all of us we're still in the game

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