Saturday, August 13, 2016


SonofGod:  No news over here about the RV at all

Yada:  For what it is worth, this done and we are awaiting it to reach us. Those in position above us have /are being satisfied that is why the banks are highly expecting us any moment.

AJTexas:  They did say it was going to get really quiet at the end!

Suggar:  I think that things are in place however most if not all of the folk in the system are scared to death to make that first step.......they want to do a slow roll out but once it is released it will baloooooon... ....and it is that baloooooning that they fear......banks and governments...

Yada:  Agreed they are hesitant to make an all out release so they are measuring every move before the next. That way they will of have to start over if there is a negative result. Have to admit the handlers are precautioned against every possible outcome. Even we dinarians are seeing previous ideas desolved because ideas are addressed. It is done and being released.

Yada:  Interestingly. The measure of attention given to the process will be the measure of attention given in managing their wealth.

WatchBandit:  Does anyone believe this will be done by the first of the year?

Suggar:  watchbandit ....I believe that it is done now general release is another thing...........

Yada:  In light of the banks highly expecting us, and Ray is not the only one saying this, there would be the privat release and then the public. Tony and DC stated the many months ago.

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