Saturday, August 6, 2016


Elmerf123456:  Okie is much better and feeling great.

MellowMel1965:  Hope to hear that Okie has got to go to the bank soon

Elmerf123456:  There is a lot of interesting good news about. Hopefully it's time to say the following: Don't accept unacceptable behavior. Honor what is honorable and let others have the glory. The outside world needs to be in your realm of self-concern. To be good is easy. To be great is difficult. Be Great!

Rrrr:  Often times when we experience something we don't like we immediately react to it. We try to prevent ourselves from experiencing it by somehow changing or pushing away what is happening. But that's the thing: What's happening is already happening... The sooner that we accept what's *already* happening, the sooner the situation begins to resolve itself… … Not because we forced it better, but because we got out of our own way...Try it for today: Be so *totally* okay with everything you experience in every moment. Whether it's the pain, or the pleasure.

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