Wednesday, August 3, 2016


GoodTimes1:  What happened to the mastercards that Iraq said they were going to hand out on the second of aug?

Yada:  Goodtimes,,Ray confirmed they received them at the 1.18 rate but expected to see the rate increased later this week

Aug 4 was the initiation of the ISX,,Ray is expected to have some details confirmed after that,,,,Ray was asked about this on OM,,he stated expecting to go any moment now,,,stated RV is done and expects us to be finished and expects most to be in within the first few days of release, stated the ones not taking the contract rate and waiting for the rates to increase may exchange in Sept with some waiting until Oct. 

Groups will have been in and the public will have been in afterwards

Steadfast:  hmmm, seems interesting that now Ray is talking about a September date.

Yada: only in the light of after the fact of the RV,,not saying the RV is released in September

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