Sunday, August 21, 2016



DollarBill9:  Hello folks any good news tonite please

BigSkyDJ:  DollarBill9: I know of 2 people who actually have funds. Not SKRs, promises, appointments, etc. FUNDS IN HAND. It is happening, but very slowly.\

They are Friends of a family member. Have I shaken their hands? No. But they are buying things they never could have before. Didn't have a pot to......................drop pennies in, now dropping large amounts of cash. AND< their phones and computers have gone silent…. One is now getting medical treatment they desperately need.

DocSavage:  Wow Big Sky, You been holding out on us? That's some good stuff you brought right there.

BigSkyDJ:  Doc: I don't usually post much; more of a lurker. I don't say anything unless I am absolutely sure. Way too much bad or misinformation out there.

DocSavage:  Big Sky, How long ago did that happen?

BigSkyDJ:  Doc: Within the last 10 days…. I'm always leary about posting things, but what I said I am absolutely sure of, so thought it might give hope

BigSkyDJ:  Iraq is one of 209 pieces of the puzzle. They are more of a distraction right now than anything else. The entire planet is not going to wait for Iraq to get it's collective stuff together. Don't rely so heavily on what Iraq is doing, they have been passing laws, arresting bad guys, etc. for years and that will most likely not change any time soon

SassyD:  Iraqi Iraqi official: Financial longer the federal budget for next yea​r by 100 trillion Iraqi dinars -- August 20, 2016 -- Link

SassyD:  Iraqi planes receive leaflets on the city of Mosul -- 7 hours ago --  LINK

Threw threw the Iraqi air force planes on Saturday, millions of I​raqi publications and media on the Hamam al- Alil area, and the city o​f Mosul ] advice, controlled by the "Islamic state", Daesh C​enter.

SassyD:  Iraq's budget for 2017: social spending priority -- August 20, 2016 -​-LINK

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