Wednesday, August 10, 2016



ALlonghorn : Late Tuesday Night:  My source says that a number of WF personnel reporting to work at multiple redemption sites right now as we speak. Something is up big time.

Update: Bank personnel were told, when they were called, expect to be working tonight after midnight. Dear God may it be!!

We have been here before, I just pray this might be it

sundancer : Al Longhorn is this a person you have known awhile telling you this?

ALlonghorn :  sundance This intel was from the bank personnel telling the security people at various sites. My attorney called me with the info. Night guys. 4 AM I will get up and check again.


Dedar:  I wouldn't be surprised if it pops soon so that this government takes credit like Clinton did with Kuwait…. I remember reading somewhere that Obama wouldn't leave without leaving some sort of legacy and I believe this would be it.

Tada:  someone said that for the exchanges have been paid out since Sunday are in exchanged in real USN.

Yada: Tada we are not be paid in trn's.

Tada:  Right... TRN & USN are different.....

Yada:  TRNs may be the bond aspect to cover the usn

Tada:  Could be. I understand TRN are only used by nations & possibly large international transactions. The general public will use the new USN & the dollar is being phased out over time. Right?

Yada:  Correct.

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