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Bruce:  Welcome all Big Call Country. I am excited about tonight. I am excited about where we are to our blessing. We are getting close. On Tuesday we had 41 different financial institutes that requested to listen to the call.

Bruce:  We had a little more Intel. It is getting quieter out there. Some blackouts form the banks and redemption centers. They are not allowed to speak we know of.

WE are getting a little bit of information.  There is a Federal Reserve meeting today in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are there for a Federal Reserve meeting. There may be an announcement coming out form that meeting. We were told to keep an eye out for that. WE will see how that dovetails in with the rest of the Intel.

When it comes with this exchange, we know WF is the lead bank. Thank them for that. They are partnered with Abbott Downing, an ultra net worth wealth management division, high end of Wells Fargo.

They each have been saddled with the responsibility of heading up the exchange locations we call redemption centers especially the ZIM.  ZIM known as an historic bond. Notice I say historic bond. I like to welcome them back. They listened on Tuesday.

Bruce:  We also know that the growth of Abbott of approximately of 15 offices around the country to offices in every state because of the buyout of Merrill Lynch this last year. This way they were able to increase their force in the market place by absorbing those offices.

They plan on utilizeing 85 percent of the brick and mortar offices continue work of Abbott Downing being the brand name they will operate under.

15% of them will be leased out for other purposes. They have step up their game to handle the amount of this exchange. Intake of the ZIM all over the US how value that is and meaningful for their situation. They will tie in with HSBC, People Bank of China and IIB. Number of institutions will handle this for us.

Bruce:  Platform ZIM took place all over the country today. It is in trade now. Not too long ago, the Far East opened their market in the bidding of the platform as well as Australia and New Zealand. Since we are after 9 on east coast that should finish the bidding of that process. It speaks of that historic bond and will affect all of us. We learned a lot the last year about it. That is going on today. Very interesting.

Bruce:  When it comes to our exchange we are looking for one thing, release of the 800 number. Number of other banks, tier two banks, Canadian partners, Royal bank of Canada, TD bank and Scotia bank and maybe others handling the exchanges. Also in Mexico, Banks working under HSBC in the intake aspect of it.

Over 6800 redemption centers in Canada and US. May have increased to 30 percent set up for ZIM primarily for redemption. If you have ZIM and you call for you r appointment,  you  will  go to a redemption center in your zip code.

Bruce:  What we need to set your appointment. The toll free number, there may be more than one toll free number. We understand primarily one number for wells, but maybe others.  We will put it on thebigcall.net page. Will we put it out on recorded call? We don’t know. We could do it on a live call. WE could tonight if we get them.

We would put a fairly short recorded call, celebration call, put out a link on our website and few other sites to steer people to it. Maybe some expect an email. I am speaking primarily to the internet group.

Admiral group different animal all together. The banks are ready. The redemption centers are ready. Some double staff, full ready to start. Security on alpha alpha status which is very high level of security. We are set to be prepared as a country. Even Russia has mustered their military starting today to end of month higher level of alert as a result they anticipate as well the financial changes may take place as far as the exchange process.

Bruce:  As far as timing, you know as a disclaimer we don’t call it.  We can’t pick a date or day. WE have been wrong a number of times. IN past we thought we were going to go and we didn’t. We are looking for the release of the 800 number to go forward. Maybe a limited release for us to go. We are prepared.

Plenty of redemption centers. WE will do it orderly and forthright honest way. I think most part most of us realize this is a business transaction. Not a party in the middle of the street.

I am going to warn everybody not to do a July 4th approach to this. Do it soberly. As far as adult beverages, be sound minded. You been entrusted, chosen to what we are going to do as a community for the world, for humanity in large. Too much is given much is required.

Make good use of it. Do it safely, carefully, take the responsibility seriously. WE can have fun, celebrate, but just use good judgment. ‘Don’t want anybody who has come all this way. WE have lost people. I lost my wife. WE lost people through the process waiting. WE want everybody to make it over the finish line.  We will go forward together as a strong community.

Bruce:  The timing for this. I know we should go as the internet group.  The public that has no clue, that might have been gifted and  stuck in a drawer, not paying attention, those guys set to go first week in September, maybe after Labor day. A kind of thing they have planned out.

If that is the case then we are on a schedule then we should go fairly shortly.  Let this thing come to us. Intel is tight because it is quiet out there. Banks are on blackout. Iraq is up and running, lower denominations out. Last part of the amnesty law suppose to be voted on this morning. ZIM being traded today. It should be wrapped up.

Redemption centers are getting what they need. We are just looking for a GO signal. If we are blessed to receive the toll free number and allow to bring it to you through the call, we will do that. Otherwise stay tuned.

Bruce:  That is about it. The rates are basically good and soundly high. We will have 6to 8 or 9 days to exchange on the higher negotiable rates. WE are in good shape. Be prepared to take what you need. Don't forget your currency. 

Two forms of ID. A copy of utility bill with your name and address on it that you are a real person and a place to live. Go in wearing something business to business casual. Good time to dress up Ladies. I think you will look forward to that. Guys, shave too. Think of it you go in, get this thing exchange, couple hours.

I know Abbott Downing and WF going to make it pleasant as far as they can. I am looking forward to the perks. We do get perks, benefits if you will as far as the exchange process.

That is about it what I can think of now.  Special thanks to all the banks we will be working with. As this thing has grown we will be meeting with Abbott Downing and working with them a long time with the management of these funds.

Between WF and Abbott Downing the assets will skyrocket as far as both of them institution. WE are ready, they are ready.  Hopefully we get the go signal soon.


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